Who is on zyprexa? Can it cause eventually a paranoia and anxiety?

Tbh I start to feel how it smashes me after it take… But I am subscribed to this med, the other aps were even worse on me…
I was very low and very scared before the meds too. One doc told me, that at our worst, we don’t even feel our meds… now, I start to change for real I find and unfortunately this ap is quite hard on me too after it take for some few hours…
But I turned even paranoid and anxious today with it, is it from the zyprexa?
Do some of you find, that the zyprexa is a hard med, maybe even worsening us? Idk, I have to take it though so it won’t be even worse… but yeah, the effect on my brain after it take, was harsh today…
For those who take it, do you find possible that it creates paranoia a bit too?
Tbh, some other aps as seroquel and clopixol made me have quite severe paranoid moments too…
Some hate the zyprexa, but is it such a destroying med in the end? My doc said, that it’s the smallest bad one on me and I got up from my bed only with it…

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I’m on Olanzapine, it significantly decreases my paranoia. On the negative side, I gained a lot of weight on it.

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I was having problems with anxiety years ago. I was on Zyprexa when I got out of the hospital in 2008. I switched to Risperidone in 2011 when I was diagnosed with diabetes. I can’t remember which med I had the severe anxiety on, but I’m pretty sure it was the Zyprexa. I switched to Abilify the summer of 2020 and came off Klonopin. I don’t know if this helps.

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I’m also on zyprexa. Currently I take 6,25mg daily.

It can turn bad on me if I don’t supply myself with extra vitamins.

Antipsychotics are proven to deplete nutrition like vitamins and minerals, meaning you need more than you can get through diet alone, even if you eat healthy.

I would consider taking a multivitamin each day if I were you to get the basics.

Also Vitamin D is particulary important because it fights depression and mental disorder. I take one capsule daily.

I also take a high dose of niacin because it helps fight intruding thougts. I take 500mg twice a week. That’s enough to keep me level.

Magnesium is also another one to try. It is proven to have a positive effect fighting mental disorder. I take about 400mg in the evening with my meds as it also helps with sleep.

Supplements such as vitamins and minerals are relatively inexpensive and there is very little risk of side effects because they are natural substances recognized by the body.

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When I first became psychotic in 2004 I also experienced anxiety, zyprexa helped both, it’s just the side effects were bad. I was on 40mg.

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I am on zyprexa it should do the opposite but sometimes it takes a couple weeks to build up in your system.

Thank you for the answers… I was out here after my post, I was just desperate a bit…
Well, I am a severe sz and I am on zyprexa since 5 years. I also have negatives and conversion disorder and maybe bpd already too now… so I don’t believe anymore that the meds will help me on all, I should pay efforts now…
I had an isolation of 20 years, not any single ap can fix that and the damages of it too, right? :thinking: yeah, my ex pdoc said to pay efforts now. Idk if you can improve if you rely on that now?
And nope unfortunately, the aps never helped my suffering or a lot my sz. The docs are glad already, that I am out of my bed, but I even think now that I am dying, because of my isolation… anyway.
I was extremely paranoid and anxious long before the meds. And am still am… maybe when you had your paranoia in your deepest guts as me, even the aps can’t fix that and they just mess up a bit with it. I really felt a bit more scared today, sweating too after I took my zyprexa but after 2 hours, this got better… I think it was the zyprexa though… I also believe, that the aps are not much a big help on me precisely because of my thinking deficits and the negatives… oh, the bpd also is not well helped by meds lol… anyway… Blueone, abilify was terrible on me, I had lots of anxiety and agitation on it…

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When I was on Haldol I wanted to sleep a lot, and I craved sugar. It also made me mildly depressed. My life was kind of joyless when I was on it. It’s way better than the typicals, though. Those were utter misery.

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Haldol is a typical. Do you mean it’s better than atypicals?


@Anna1 You have wished your life away for the last 20 years. You still have an opportunity to make friends with other people, and maybe find something you find enjoyable. I gave up trying in 2008 and took such a big overdose, that I have destroyed my body and brain. Don’t worry too much about being borderline or schizophrenic. Just be person you are, and remember that I really like you.


No. I didn’t mean “better than atypicals”. I meant “Zyprexa”, not “Haldol”. Sorry about that.

Oh, thank you :blush:
I didnt know, that somebody likes me here lol :slight_smile:
Yeap, i know, that i mainly make my own posts, but its not entirely my fault either… My brain became a limited mess for long…
Ok, i try to make better my life now tbh, yes :slight_smile: Its still painful though, i rely mostly on myself now and not the pdocs anymore, which is scary, i suffer still, but i try to change now yes heh :smiley: I really find, that i am transitioning now… Ok, maybe its an illness till life, but theres hope, yes :slight_smile:
Oh, i am very sorry, that you tried an overdose, sheesh :confused: Yeah, my body is in bad shape as for you… Anyway, lets keep walking, hugs to you Simon!!!


i like you too =)
i think a lot of people like you!

You are very kind and sweet girl too, @lekkerhondje :slight_smile: :kissing_smiling_eyes:
Its nice, that i am somewhat liked here heh :slight_smile:
Sheesh, id like to see when my fear will stop, not in detriment of my thinking lol… Its hard between the bpd and the conversion disorder though… Anyway.
I wonder if this pdoc was right about my story - he said, that they gave me too many aps and this was not good either… I dont experiment now with more meds, i wonder if its up to recover my brain too now from the smashness etc, idk…
Anyway, keep walking lekkerhondje, we shouldnt accept the bad i find…

Hey, for those, who are on zyprexa, does it make you knock outed after it take? I wonder how smashing it is?..
i was very low before, so i wasnt almost even feeling this med lol…
Why some say also, that its not a long term ap? My pdoc thinks, that its the best one for me though, cause we’ve tried everything else…

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If i take higher dose like 15-20 im knocked out. not long term? I take it long term.
I dont feel smashed if i take 5 mg

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10mg or more is pretty sedating to me. But I’m doing okay on 6.25mg, able to work part time.

Well…I have been on it for about 15 years, but it is a controversial drug because it is so hard to get off it due to insomnia issues that are more likely to occur the longer you are on it. There have been lawsuits against Lily(the patent manufacturer of zyprexa) because of this and other side effects.

If I knew about the long term side effects I would probably not have started taking this drugs, or at least gotten off it pretty quick.

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