Which worked best for you and why? (-done class APs)

out of the four explain your experiences of what one worked best and which one least, assuming you’ve tried one or more of them.


pros and cons of each of what you’ve tried?

I was on invega. It worked well for positive symptoms, but it made my negative and cognitive symptoms worse. Invega made me feel like a zombie…extremely drugged up. I’m on Aripiprazole(Abilify) now. I like it better.

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Latuda- gave me nausea once I reached 60mg/day and I couldn’t keep the med down. Didn’t notice any benefits

Geodon- Worked slightly but when I reached 120mg/day it made me feel intoxicated about 3 hours after I took it. Also hated needing to eat 500+ calories with it

Risperidal- First AP I tried. Helped more than Geodon did but it was very sedating and made me gain 25lbs in a month. I was switched off of it.

Invega- Was only on it for a week, made me gain 5lbs in that week. I refused to stay on it

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I know that I tried Risperidone, at work I used to forget on what I was working on which was bad and was not able to match up with other employees, but liked Risperidone as it made me very social and too active(I was like “Yes Man” movie),
pdoc put me back to aripiprazole with olanzapine after I lost the job, as immediate attention was too late to fix back things, as I was running around for a pdoc, as he was ill for few months.

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Latuda and geodon caused severe weight gain because you have to eat extra calories with them. And they didn’t work particularly will for me.

Invega made me super delusional and didn’t help the paranoia or voices. But did help the visual hallucinations a little.

Risperidone worked moderately. So I guess that’s the best of them in my experience. But the negatives were really bad with it.

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Invega did well for the positive symptoms but it made me gain 40 pounds in 9 months plus I started lactating while on it so I had to stop it. I also felt dead and emotionless on it.

Risperidone gave me horrible akathisia and I wasn’t on it long enough to tell if it worked for my symptoms or not.

Geodon is my gold in pill form. It works well for my positive symptoms while not making me feel dead or emotionless. It doesn’t get too sedating plus it’s great for weight neutrality. I take Geodon in combination with Loxapine and it does the trick for me.

Edit to add what LED said about Geodon making you gain weight. You do have to eat when you take a dose but it doesn’t make you extra hungry so it doesn’t really cause weight gain as long as you’re taking it along with your normal meal times and not eating extra just to take your meds. Geodon doesn’t make you hungry

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