The best antipsychotic

everyone shares…
what is the best antipsychotic that worked better for your symptoms and what is the worst one???

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For some people Geodon is The Answer. It’s been a Godsend to me. It does weaken me physically, but it controls my symptoms without making me feel like a zombie.

I’ve only been on 2 meds. Risperdal and Invega. currently im on Invega and I love it. it was rough the first 16 months as I had some depression. but my side effects lessened and it basically gets rid of all my hallucinations. and I don’t have to worry about taking pills, im on the long acting injectable, Invega sustenna. it’s a god send, but I know a lot of people don’t like it.

I’ve only been on geodon (for a brief time in the hospital) and risperidone. Geodon brought me out of a crisis state and I’m interested in trying it again because risperidone, while very effective at ridding me of major psychosis, has been messing with my blood sugar, and I hear geodon is a lot better when it comes to that.

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My current favourites are Paliperidone and Haldol. Low doses of them are handling my symptoms fairly well, alongside some supplements.

3mg risperidone 10mg abilify here.

Though I may try 15mg of abilify and see if I can quit the risperidone

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How long does it take for invega to get rid of your hallucination?

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Haldol is a miracle drug


Zyprexa. I feel pretty normal and it takes care of my racing thoughts and most of my central thought complex that comments on everything I do…Works well for me.

Aripiprazole has apparently been controlling my symptoms so far. It is not meant to raise prolactin but mine is still a bit above normal. Hope it doesn’t raise even more. Sucks really cos it could thin my bones well idk wat raised level of abilify ud need for that but yehhh

Rexulti. At 4 mg I have major symptom relief. Nothing else does that for me.

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For me the best is Abilify and the worst Risperdal.

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I love Risperdal. Gets its job done killing my urge for self harm, dissociation and irritability. All in all I’m more calm. (I take it for BPD)

Latuda is what’s worked best for me so far.
It keeps my symptoms in check, and it had made me more lively and talkative.

The worst I’ve taken was mianzerin. I felt like if I didn’t eat all the time I’d die. And I got horrible, vivid nightmares when I was able to sleep.

I guess it’s poly-pharmacy for me, Saphris 20 mg and Rexulti 3 mg ,do the trick. Seroquel is the worst medicine I’ve even had. I gained 30 pounds in little over a month.

Haloperidol is pretty good med

Haldol for me has been the best at controlling symptoms in a crissi

invega is the best ive been on all things considered, geodon was a nightmare for me, olanzapine made me eat all day, abilify sucked.

I suppose clozapine

I lt just makes me a little bit anxious in the night but not so bad.

Fox out

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Depixol - an oldie but a goodie