Which antipsychotic(s) are you on?


I’m thinking about switching meds when I next see my doctor. Which antipsychotic are you taking and what’s your experience on it?


Olanzapine I put on 35 kilos and was a zombie

Abilify I was agitated and anxious all the time

Latuda was great for 18 months until I relapsed and got Akasthia

Risperidone made me a nervous wreck after a few doses

Haldol worked great, but I was flat and had to take procyclidine for movement problems

I am on Amisulpride now. 6 months in it’s hands down the best med I have been on. Not available in the US or Canada though.


I’m on geodon 80mg. With it I have zero positive symptoms and I gained no weight. It has made me lethargic though. I have really bad anxiety that I didn’t have before geodon but that may just be due to insight into my diagnosis.


Clozapine is classic Coca Cola. The rest of them are generic. jk. I do like Clozapine though.


I am on Clozapine. :cheese::cheese::cheese:


I’m on invega, it’s worked and no side effects that I can tell… maybe some weight gain early on


I’m gonna ask my doctor about Invega. Do you have schizoaffective, Moonwalker? What’s your diagnosis?


I’m on seroquel 500mg split over three times a day (1-1-3).


Zyprexa wafer. 10 mgs. Do really good on it. Tried risperdal…raised prolactin. Abilify I never felt right on.

So zyprexa has been the med for me!


Abilify (aka Aripriprazole) every 4 week injection. I am doing well on this medication for the past 2 years.


I’m on 3mg of risperidone.
It’s been a lifesaver.


I’m on invega sustenna the injection. It’s okay been on it for years. Although I suspect something else might he even better. You wont have a sex drive on it.


I take a high dose of Prozac with a low dose of risperidone and respond really well to it. About six years ago, my GP tried to take me off the risperidone to see if that would help me lose weight (spoiler alert: I was overweight before I started it). No change in the scale, but I started hallucinating again. My diagnosis changed from depression with features of psychosis to schizoaffective disorder depressive type, and I resolved to stay on risperidone for the rest of my life.

I was on Abilify for awhile. It worked fine. It wasn’t any better than Prozac with risperidone and about three times as expensive though, so I switched back. At this point, I’m not very interested in changing my meds.


Clozapine. Starting to notice a difference


What do you notice since being on Clozapine? :thinking::thinking::thinking:


Less visual and auditory hallucinations. Less suicidal ideation. More able to get out with less fear and anxiety. Hasn’t worked much on negative symptoms but the pdoc assures me that will come in time.


That is about my experience as well. :koala::koala::koala:


Olanzapine worked okay but made me gain weight. Quetiapine didn’t work as well as Olanzapine, and it also gave me weight issues. Aripiprazole made my depressive symptoms worse.

So i now take Ziprasidone and Clozapine. My symptoms are covered the majority of the time. Once every now and then i’ll get a breakthrough symptom or two but it is a damn sight better than i had been without them.


Risperdal now, I was on olanzapine didn’t work for me, Seroquel maybe me a zombie couldn’t concentrate, blacked out behind the wheel totaled a car, 10.5 hours after taking medicine, zyprexa weight gain.


Haldol decanoate and perphenazine. Best med combo for me yet. I’m loving it.

Though the perphenazine causes significant side effects.