Geodon vs Invega for positive symptoms. HELP!

Need a new AP to consider. Latuda 120mg and perphenazine 24mg combo is NOT working for voices and I’m desperate. Have already been on zyprexa and abilify, those didn’t help with positive symptoms either. Is anyone on Geodon or Invega (pills) and like it?

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@1923mari, My son killed himself while on Invega pills so, no, I don’t like Invega.

I’m on Geodon pills, Seroquel pills, and Risperdal Consta injections. I have zero positive symptoms now. Without all of these meds, I’d be very symptomatic.


Have tried/Discussed Clozapine with your pdoc?

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Invega with prozac antidepressant seems to start working for me, but my mood fluctuates after 1½ week on prozac.

Was on clozapine for about a week, and had to be taken off because of side effects :woman_shrugging:

Does invega help you with voices?

What were the side effects for you? I’m on 300mg now and I don’t notice anything but dry mouth

i switched from zyprexa to invega, it seems to be working and the voices are still very quiet, sometimes i feel a little weird but thats on every med ive been on, geodon was the worst med for me i wasnt hearing voices loudly but i was going crazy and i never want to feel like that again

Im sorry for your loss :pensive: That’s a good reason to hate invega. I would like to try geodon, but I think the doc thinks it’s not as an effective drug as perphenazine. Have you ever been on geodon alone?


I do have auditory people voices with 234mg, but I’m planning on trying amyloban 3399 with it soon. I had rough time with voices before invega so it helped.

I’m on Invega 9 mg pills and have no positive symptoms. I am also on 10 mg of Abilify pills but I know Invega is the stronger of the 2.

Fainted a couple of times. Constant drooling and non stop coughing that would felt like suffocation. Very hard to sleep when you can’t swallow :woman_facepalming:

How long were you on Geodon? That’s how it was on abilify. It was also too captivating.

How long have you been on invega? Abilify was a nightmare. Im glad it works for you!

i was on geodon about 4 months, i started having bouts of rage followed by hysteria within about a month of starting it, also heart problems i tried to stay on it because i was losing weight on it and had just come off a med that did the opposite but i had to stop taking it things got out of control really quickly i was very suicidal and unstable

what kind of voices you have? auditory people hallucinations like people talking about you seem hard to get rid of

Oh wow. That’s scary. This is so hard. I have to find something quick. It’s too overwhelming. It’s more than 6 months on latuda and perphenazine and nothing is happening. The only good thing is no weight gain or side effects.

No, just one voice in the head that won’t shut up. Quiets down for like a second, and then BOOM, that’s also what my heart feels! Also, have been seeing ugly things once in a blue.

Have you considered risperidone also?

I have been on Invega for 2 years.