Which sleeping pills is suitable for long term usage

I think my insomnia problem getting cronic.i would be use sleeping pills for a life time.is anyone knows safe sleeping pill that can be use for long term( maybe lifetime )
For now i m looking between rozerem and silenor.any idea?

i am using temazepam for a long time now 40 MG. like three years orso.

but i have gotten numb too them, they for me, dont work anymore.

No sleeping pill is safe for long term use. All medication for sleep develops a tolerance. Even a mild medication like benadryl develops tolerance. Best to get off of them as soon as possible.

The only safe sleep aids I know of are L-Theanine and Melatonin. L-Theanine has a mild calming effect but it has no side effects or withdrawals. A good does of melatonin will knock you out for sure but you will develop a tolerance, however you won’t get withdrawals or anything bad. Also a low dose of a short-acting benzo might work for you as long as your problem is falling asleep and not staying asleep, there are some benzos that only work for an hour or so so it’ll have enough time to knock you out and then wear off so you won’t get addicted or get much of a tolerance.

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Like others have said Temazapam works but you grow a tolerance quick which is why I highly recommend the Fisher Wallace Stimulator along with Temazapam for insomnia. I have chronic insomnia which means I have difficulty falling and staying asleep but with these two products I get 8 hours.

One thing that’s worked for me a number of months now is trazodone which I was able to take after trileptal was added to deal with the anger spells I was having on it. Practically all the other sleeping meds have stopped being prescribed by the mental health place I go to. I developed tolerances to melantonin, benadryl, l-theanine, and ambien but so far I haven’t built a tolerance to trazodone. I don’t always get 8 hours of sleep but I’m happy to get what I can.

I was once prescribed zopiclone (spelling?). It was supposed to not be addictive. Didn’t take it much though. I find seroquel last thing at night to be the best sleeping aid.

There are at least a couple of “more selective gaba activity” sleep meds approved for chronic use including Ambien which is available in generic as zolpidem and long acting form zolpidem cr. It has been shown to not lose its sedative effect during chronic usage (pharma studies) and appears to have less potential for abuse/addiction issues (pharma studies). It is not without potential side effects such as daytime sleepiness, higher rate of accidents, a sort of “sleep walking” state where people may do anything from raid the refrigerator to driving their car, etc. Overall, it appears to work well and have less issues than some of the older benzo meds. Elderly patients should take lower dose. Every one should start at lowest dose and increase only if not getting desire sleep effect.

Ä° m using cedrina 150mg and my sleeping quality is good but i m afraid to get tolerance and getting raise the dosage .thats why i m gonna use only melatonin and try to sleep without anything.

Seroquel is an antipsychotic and can have some very serious side effects - its almost like taking a low dose of Thorazine for just sleep. Taking it to help you sleep and NO other reason is puts you at risk when there a number of safe, effective alternatives. Just google Seroquel (quetiapine) side effects. Then google safe sleep medications.


Hey jb. Sorry I think I might have given you the wrong impression. I take quetiapine primarily to treat my sz. Thing is I take it just before I go to the bed and it pretty much puts me into deep sleep.

I agree with you - quetiapine shouldn’t be taken solely for sleep purposes. It just happens to be part of my med regime.

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