Which kiss was your best?

When was the last time you kissed someone?

Have you had a ‘best kiss’ ? Like the movies?

I do not like kissing, I am worried about germs and another person’s saliva. I can kiss when I am drunk.

I love kissing,

And I think all the “we’re kissing and definitely about to have sex for the first time” kisses were the best.


ah there goes my dreams of exchanging spit with ya :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think I have one I can remember over any others, always feels good to kiss someone you love

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@discobot Fortune

Is kissing disgusting?

:crystal_ball: Don’t count on it


I remember one particular guy I kissed. He was hot, I did not mind it I guess. He got married and divorced, I have not seen him since my 18th birthday. He was into drugs. I just never returned his calls.

@anon54386108 yeah I have not had that experience. Most of the guys I met, I did not want to kiss.

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I love :two_hearts: kissing but it depends on who and how.

I had a few or a couple boyfriends I could not stop kissing .

My boyfriend was like that when we first met but then a angry jealous woman stopped him and then he started kissing me less often and when we did kiss it was not as good as when we first met.

Anders was my sacred boyfriend but he refused to kiss me because he did not like it.
My wrongs to him were not mine it was those in my body and I maliciously did it.

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I like kissing but it’s all pretty uniform.

Had a girl stick her tongue into my mouth all stiff and protruded… repetitively. That wasn’t cool.

I really enjoyed kissing the one and only girl friend I had… she was different back then. But therre are some other girlies I’ve gotten lucky enough to enjoy that stuff with…

I can really remember much else… kissing is cool though… in a lot of ways it’s more enjoyable than sex to me.

It’s funny though because it’s aspect of romance I forget about… I like cradling and cuddling chicks… getting behind them and getting the standing spooning thing goin… I really enjoy the intimacy to the point that life can be miserable without it. Even though I am learning not to fret so much over finding it.

Lucky me though, I get compliments for my comfiness all around… it was a focus that was the best I could do in the face of being a premature ejactulator… Gotta give them some reason to hang around for a minute… else it’s just going to sting…

@mermaid1 is running a string of topics…

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:rofl: I did not need to know that but none the less, I am glad things are working for you.

OH it’s just comic appeal… I find people are way to sensitive and insecure so I like throwing that out there.

Whether or not it’s true ;)… (it certainly has been)

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I kissed a stranger on the dancefloor last night and ythen i didnt talk to him anymore. The kiss was average. Not bad not good.

I remember on very bad kiss…the guys saliva was too thick…he really has to drink water more.

By best kiss …mmmm was sweet. Cause the guy took a zip od whisky right before the kiss.


whiskey kisses are the best kisses.

First one was ■■■■ and tasted to nachos. Now I’m still looking


There is one girl I always wind up kissing whenever she rolls around… It’s always pretty spectacular…

I can read her mood based on how much pressure she’s putting into it… I always sweet talk her into putting all her weight behind it.

Now you gotta leave em cherried now… you get em cherried and you jsut leave them that way before you ■■■■ it up…

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My worst kiss was my first kiss. It wasn’t at all like I expected. I grew to like kissing, though. All through junior high and high school I was kissing up a storm.


ugh disgusting!

Ooo last year fall I went out with this guy who I invited over to my apartment at the time after(bad move?) and he asked if he could kiss me. It was nice and sweet and not sloppy and gross like how it normally is with guys :kissing_closed_eyes: Anyhow he said I was a good kisser :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Man I miss kissing! I wanna kiss somebody hahaha.

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really you only kissed? :rofl: It is nice to reminisce these memories :slight_smile:

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Stop this thread!

I’m going to end up making out with some weird biker and get in trouble…


I miss it too :rofl: but someone very handsome with paws like my cat