Which is worse schizophrenia or depression

Which is worse schizophrenia or depression

People will give you different answers


You can’t really compare them. Its like saying which is worse dying by a gunshot or a knife.
Its bad in both ways. It depends on severity of symptoms for both.


That’s ok at least will know their choice

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Ok makes sense.
Means both are equally bad

Both can be fatal.


Both are bad but schizoaffective has a worse prognosis.
But yeah depends.


Well i believe schizophrenia. It does damage to the brain. I dont think depression does. I find ap medication brutal as well.

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Ditto that @anon12381882


They go together in many i think, perhaps without the depression id be considered normal. Schizoaffective is what they gave me. Im recovering today some.

Both. And having both is worse. I have sza so I get a dose of both.

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I dont know. For myself, i have either got depression or depression plus psychosis. Never only psychosis. So im relieved when im only depressed, for me it is less severe…I like how with depression i can still trust that i dont think or do anything too crazy. I can deal with it better somehow. But i think people have different experiences with this.

Depressive ppl die more bcz of high suicide rates.
They can’t really be compared like I said before.
It depends on severity but I believe severe depression is worse bcz of very high suicide rates vs sz. I can post a study by WHO.

Here, severe depression ranks the highest of all diseases bcz of high suicide rate:

GBD2004_DisabilityWeights.pdf (29.8 KB)

Depression. In my opinion

Yes but way more people have depression than schizophrenia. I was depressed at 17 long before I ever developed schiz. It was much easier than schiz hands down.

It depends on severity. What I was saying is that the suicide probability of a severely depressed person is much higher than someone with schiziphrenia. It causes more disability individually.

Its just my personal opinion having been though both illnesses in my lifetime.

I’m pretty sure it’s easier to treat depression than it is to treat schizophrenia.
Plus like @anon12381882 said, APs are barbaric drugs to take.

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I am talking about unipolar severe depression which means treatment resistant to even ECT. If you open the World Health Organization document I posted you will know. Sz is more disabling than mild to moderate depression but severe depression is #1 most disabling disease. Its not calculated by # of affected like @anon12381882 said but by severity in each individual.