Depression is a nightmare

I’ve been pretty depressed lately and realise that depression itself is just as bad as schizophrenia if not worse.

Its such a overlooked illness as the public use the word " depressed " if they just feeling slightly bad.

I’m on an anti depressant and feel I need it more than the Ap. Well maybe not but it’s just as important.

What is your take on depression


Depression is cruel too… for some medicine helps…!!!


I get severely depressed every year. I think it is worse than sz.


too much of a lack of dopamine is not good. neither is too much


Amen. I was happier when my terrifying positive symptoms were at their worst than I am now with depression being my main problem. :frowning:


Yea I can’t seem to find a happy place.

I’m run down with depression. That empty cold lifeless feeling.

It’s terribad


Personally, I don’t think it even comes close. And I’ve been very depressed for long periods. When I was depressed, I could at least feel like a person and function tolerably well.

Also, my hypomanic mixed episodes were about 10 times more agonozing than any depressive episode I’ve experienced. And I came pretty close to maxing out those depression tests.


I know how you feel, I can’t believe how depressed I get, I have a lot going on that is good in life so it shouldn’t be the case that I get depressed but I know that doesn’t matter, all that matters is what is going on with my brain chemistry.

I don’t like the overlap of depression and schizophrenia, or for that matter the overlap I have of schizophrenia, depression and anxiety.

Luckily my anxiety has been in check for a while now, anxiety is a terrible thing too.


I don’t know if I agree with u.

Severe depression is hell. When I had it bad I couldn’t even get out of bed let alone function in the slightest.

For me depression is worse. I can manage the positive symptoms but the depression, creeps up like a snake and attacks the very will to live

I would say the worst I have felt is being so paranoid and delusional that you cause yourself to stay awake all night clutching your chest unable to gear down.

Feeling like someone or something is out to get you is scarier than wishing you weren’t alive, the two feelings are hard to compare though and feel completely different.

I suppose everyone is just different in what is more severe

Sz or depression

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Sleeping for 12 hours a day and being inconsolably sad and unmotivated the rest of the day is not hell for me. On my worst, that was a good day. Depression is not the worst fate in the universe, it just fools us into thinking it is. There are much worse things than depression, and many of them don’t even involve mental illness at all. But I didn’t see this until my depression was over.

Also, schizophrenia is so much more than positive symptoms.


I agree, it is hard to really say one is worse than the other because some may have more severe symptoms of one compared to the other.

All I know is I wouldn’t wish schizophrenia or depression on anyone, they both suck.


If I was on antidepressants all I’d post about would be suicide. I’m so happy it hasn’t come to that. My psychologist said antidepressants help 1/3 of people, don’t do anything for 1/3, have negative effects for 1/3.

Wow those are high figures man.

Do do anti depressants make it worse for u ?

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Guys Im deteriorating rapidly lately, my problem is I have depression and psychosis/scz. How can they both be treated at the same time. AP make me depressed, AD make me psychotic, and my illness gets worse every day, right now Ive started have derealization, so my AP has been lowered and Im back on Lexapro. My problems are big and I dont have a diagnosis, my psych hasnt diagnosed schz yet but thinks anxiety depression. Hes wrong but Im going to end up in the hospital

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I’m really unstable on antidepressants.

You okay @james180

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hi thanks i just edited my post again, didnt get it finished first time

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How long have you been on meds @james180?

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