Which ap causes the least sideeffects

I’m back to reading my book and I’m halfway through the “treatment” chapter. It seems abilify seems to cause the least depression, the least weight gain, the least sedation, the least heart problems, or at least close to it. I think clozaril has the most advantages but a lot of disadvantages too. I will learn more about clozaril now. So I think abilify has the least sideaffects but a question whether it’s effective or not.

It said 70% improve a fair amount from aps, 20% minimally and 10% not at all. Now I will read the rest of the chapter.

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I’m especially interested in this part


I will report back

I’m on abilify and have high blood sugar and anxiety. But the high blood sugar is managed by metformin, and it’s anxiety is bearable.

I’m stable on abilify, and now it’s a case of ‘better the devil you know’.

So it’s good to hear that the book says that.

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All it said “when all else fails” was talk about polypharmacy and adjunct medications.

I take invega and of the five antipsychotics I have tried, it has caused me the least side effects. Or maybe just the most manageable side effects. Just a little weight gain.

I have a plan to take care of the weight gain when I get on naltrexone. I’m going to focus on something in life I can control and switch the codeine habit for a healthy diet habit.

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Prolixin is an upper for me…I get hyper manic but I counter that with Valium…its wonderful no weight gain no zombie effect…4 weeks in I feel great…its a first gen med…I failed on all the second gens so my options suck now…but of then all this has the best overall for me…meds are diff for everyone…

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Yeah I didn’t like prolixin but I’m glad it works for you.

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Yea everybody’s diff when it comes to meds…worst part I’m never hungry I have to force eat everyday…

It caused me muscle weakness, a distorted reality and a few other things. I was on the injection for like 2-3 months

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Dam…I take 1 or 2 a day…I hated it the first 3 weeks…but my suffering is paying off…I feel wonderful…maybe a lil manic so I feel better than normal…I just have to watch how manic I get…its a terrible balancing of gapapinton valums prolixin and weed lol…

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I have really bizarre schizophrenia compared to a lot of people here but clozapine was way to heavu for me. always in the fog with it, a real bad constipation, panic attacks more than ever on it, I stopped even eating with it etc etc… I hated this drug…


iti007 is probably the best but we have to wait a few years for it. I like Zyprexa the best of those out there, has the least side effects for me.

latuda was the one with the least side effects, as long as I eat before taking it. I take Haldol now with it and it makes me tired and causes shaking in my hands and legs.

For me the ap with the least side effects would be latuda or so im told seroquel. If i ever get tired of the akathisia on latuda ill take seroquel