Which antipsychotic(s) are you on?


I’m on Haldol but my pharmacist can’t renew the script. I run out in a week. I have to get my pdoc to call me in another med before then. I’m hoping for risperidone. I hope it all works out for me. I’m nervous.


I hope everything works out for you. :zebra::zebra::zebra:


They stopped making the 2 mg pills so I got put on 5. if you do get on another one then I hope it works out.


Thanks @GrayBear. I’ve got my case manager on it so I get help sooner and easier. But I’m still nervous.


I started with very low dose of resperidone and worked up but I think I have tarsdive (shaking hand) because of it so try to keep low dose.


I’ve been on Latuda for a little over a year. I’m praying it’s the “keeper” because I can’t bare to switch meds again.

It’s good you’ve finally found a good med for you. I hope it stays that way.


I’m on olanzapine. had no strong paranoia for years, it makes me hungry tho.

i used to take quetiapine which helped my paranoia and sleep but altimately stopped working.


25mg Seroquel sometimes twice a day.


Lurasidone 18.5mg one a day after evening meal no delusions,paranoia, but still do hear little voices when out and about now and again.But i just ignore them tbh


I take 30mg of olanzapine. I took 5 mg in October before I had an extended hospital stay. Olazapine makes me tired and I sleep late. I also have a tremor in my left hand sometimes. I exercise every day to not gain weight.


I was on a heavy amount of paleperidole which made me gain 40 plus kg and get gyno from high prolactin now im on a 7.5mg of haloperidol which is much better since then ive lost 20kg


I was on risperidone 4mg but just recently changed to rexulti 2mg. Risperidone made me put on so much weight as it increases appetite but it calms down hallucinations and paranoia which is the main thing. I dont know about rexulti yet, side effects include insomnia, dizziness and drowsiness (thats what pharmacist warned me about at least) but we’ll see how it goes


Another vote for Rexulti. It is very good for me, I take it in the morning and the only side effect is very mild akathisia and I wake up early in the morning.


I get the Invega Sustenna - 156mg monthly injection and even though I don’t have a sex drive it has definitely put a stop to a lot of positive symptoms. I started with the highest dose of 234mg and got it lowered successfully. I’m not delusional, paranoia sometimes, voices are virtually non existent, mind isn’t constantly racing, I have insight into my illness, don’t talk to myself, maintain my hygiene, go to the gym 3 - 4 days out of the week, work as a cashier, read books, listen to podcasts, talk and socialize with friends and basically try to stay active and busy.

I also take Wellbutrin 100mg which helps with the depression and negative symptoms.

For my insomnia I take Clonazepam 62.5mg which helps me sleep peacefully at night without constantly waking up.


im on quetiapine 800mg and clopixol 20mg…im doing a bit okay on it, but its still early days!


iam on Xeplion with no side efects.


Im now on 400mg amisulpride and 10mg olanzapine since being in hospital now.


I’m on olanzapine. I think it works the best for me.
I was close to be having clozapine, because my schizophrenia was resistant- but we tried olanzapine and it worked well.


Latuda 60 mg but needs to be upped. Makes me nauseous