Which antipsychotic(s) are you on?


Amisulpride and Seroquel.

Delicious apart from side effects


Rexulti, it works super well and the only side effect I get from it is disrupted sleep so I wake up a lot at night. It’s annoying but well worth it I think. The main issue is it’s extremely expensive so try to get a coupon from your doctor. If I didn’t have my coupon it would cost 900 dollars with insurance to get and I have good insurance.


I’m on ziprasidone and abilify with no side effects


Abilify 10 mg probably getting a increase though.


I’m on Abilify, 5mg currently. It’s been helping my general depression and is somewhat calming the chaotic feeling I have due to near constant auditory hallucination and thought salad.


Risperdal Consta 37.5 mg intramuscular injection every two weeks. Works great.
Geodon 240 mg by mouth every day in divided doses. Works great.
Seroquel 200 mg by mouth every night. Works great.


Yes I’m sza @OcelotKitty


Paliperidone. 15151515


Amisulpride and olanzapine


I am on olanzapine! It works well for me, but it is a little bit sedating and it makes me gain weight. However, I think this medication is good for the time being for me.


Invega (Xeplion shot) now. I was on this AP pills for two years and it works good for me.


I was on 20mg Olanzapine for the best part of 8years but it turned me into a Zombie,Tremors,Excessive Weight Gain and caused me to have a Heart Condition.Was taken of it on Cardiologists advice now 18.5 mg Lurasidone relatively new drug but works well for me without the terrible side effects of Olazanpine


I’m on 40mg Latuda and 400mg Amisulpride. It works pretty well. I have tried Zyprexa, Risperidone, Invega, and Clozapine too. The Invega made my negative symptoms so much worse and I was still hallucinating. The zyprexa and the clozapine put 30kg on me each.

This new combo has given me hope that I can recover.


Been on clozapine since 5 years.

When two or more antipsychotics fail, u can ask your pdoc about clozapine or maybe pdoc himself might put u on clozapine.


I’m in clozapine


That’s what I take Prozac and. Rrspiradone. Works great for me. When first started taking would sometimes forget the Prozac and hallucinations came right back. Also the Prozac helps keep my mood even.


For me too. As long as I keep taking it I can keep most symptons at Bay.


My body doesn’t react well with second generations for some reason. Seroquel helped but I had a lot of weight gain. I am on haldol and it’s been a good experience. Has some serious risks compared to second generations though. I have some tremors.


Latuda 160mgs for almost 7 years it helped a lot more than the risperidone. Then 3 years ago I was put on Haldol now on 20mgs a day.

They make me tired and cause me to have tremors especially my hands and feet


I don’t get tired on haldol but I definitely have some tremors too. I sometimes get restless and got put on cogentin for it.