Where is the off switch on this mouth?


I have very little internal filter. If I think something, I accidently either act on it or sometimes I say stuff that is upsetting to others. I try not to, but it falls out of my mouth. I don’t always do the best job at thinking the consequences of my actions through. I always end up in odd situations due to my knee jerk reactions and my odd perceptions. I need to learn how to slow down and think stuff through better.

I accidently upset my parents over dinner this evening. They are pros about dealing with my odd thoughts but I think this one stung. I didn’t say it to be mean, I didn’t say to try and be hurtful. I couldn’t stop the thought from just falling out of my head.

It happens a lot when I’m getting tired and having a hard time concentrating on the conversation around me. I fixate on a thought in my head, and it becomes a need. The need has to be answered. I need to say it….

Do others have this tendency to just let their thoughts fall out of their mouth?


I try my best to analyze my thoughts before i speak, just because of my guilt feeling that i have, and i do that strictly for myself, i dont like living with guilt. I understand that this feeling is a part of my sz. Symptom. I never had that feeling when i was healthy, i even get angry at myself that i have that feeling.


I find myself popping off when I’m around people I like and am comfortable with but whom I am meeting for the first time. Just can’t resist trying to make an impression I guess.


I’m just the opposite. I’m pretty quiet and soft spoken. I analyze my thoughts backwards and forward before they come out of my mouth.

I wish I was more out-spoken and talkative.


my sister in law asked me what she thought of her figure, i have known her as long as my wife and she thinks of me like a brother !.
i saw the word in my head, i thought that it was a nice thing to say ! , i meant it as a compliment, but as soon as i said it, i knew i had said the wrong thing ! it didn’t go down well. i called her " chunky ". oooouch.
my wife told me because of that comment she joined the gym and has lost all the weight and is feeling good about her self now, but i cringe every time i think about it ! so " yes " words spill out of my mouth .
take care


I open my mouth and words come out. I don’t know what I’m saying, and when I’m finnished don’t know what I just said.


I had a lot of those moments, I just say sometimes what I feel like saying, and sometimes they are cruel words but they only come in defense, but the thoughts are so worth it to be heard…I have noticed a weird thing though, I don’t hear voices except rarely when I go to sleep, but the those words that push them selves out tend to push really hard and I try to stop it, it loops in my head and I start hearing a voice saying it, my voice, and because it’s my thought anyway I end up saying it…it doesn’t happen all the time though but I have noticed it, few times, the thought becomes hunting and annoying, I say it and then start apologizing lol I was defending my thoughts.
I don’t have a week personality, I stand up for my self and others who need it, I say what I feel like saying and I try hard not to hurt anyone in that, it took me a long way to be that person and away from a schizo behavior (cold and conservative in thoughts), I think that your personality is growing out from sz, I think it’s a good sign :smile:, the outcomes of those words will be easier to deal with later in the future.


This is exactly what my head goes through. It gets to the point where it’s like a pressure build up. Round and round it goes… Sometimes I blurt out this thought long after the conversation has moved on. So it comes of as strange, a bit mean and completely random.


I do this a lot. Say things that automatically just come out. My intentions are good, and I never do it to be mean. I this could be a symptom of sz - not sure though.


In my case it’s like my mouth switch got switched off and then the knob broke.


yes, i will always try and say whatever is on my mind as long as i am being honest and true and it is not hurting anyones feelings, only things is that not everybody agrees with my point of view and that can be very tricky lol.