Its only later i think of a thing to say

two encounters with nice friendly women at the dog part today my brain goes all weird I CANNOT my brain wont let me think of the thing to say lthe inside of my head goes like a hollowed out coconut and i just sort of blurt out some nonsense arghhhhh!

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Your not the only one in the boat. Even if it’s a simple compliment, I get my thoughts erased a lot or as my pdoc likes to call it… Thought blocking.

Somedays… I’m better then others… but somedays… not so much.

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thanks for putting a name to it makes me feel embarrassed because i want to converse but i cant think ill just always keep my mouth shut LOL

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I am usually reserved and guarded with strangers - I will open up more when I become more familiar with that person - but it is always small talk - very small talk - I am more talkative and the subject matter is deeper with certain family members.
I have a deep seated mistrust of others, especially strangers. I do believe that this lack of trust may have nothing to do with schizophrenia, it could be part of my personality - the way I lived my entire childhood and the majority of my early adult years in fear from severe panic disorder - having at least one major panic attack every single day for over 30 years takes a toll on the personality - I have a very difficult time trusting others, my guard is always up


This happens to me all the time. My mind tends to go utterly blank when talking to anyone but those I’m comfortable being around. There are the occasional exceptions to this, but generally I got nothing when it comes time to have to say something.

It is very awkward though, during that few seconds when it’s as if you’re expected to say something and you don’t because you got nothing. Whenever I hear someone effortlessly come up with these little things to say where I would normally go blank I actually feel a pang of jealousy…how can they do that? Why can’t I do that? AAAAAHhhhh…

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i think it is pretty normal, i am worst when i am angry, i used to stutter in rage…
you are not alone on this.
take care

Oh man, I’m the biggest, 'I should have said that", and 'I should have done that"----an hour later.

I always miss my last word in an argument. I think of it later + it’s usually pretty good. Would have clinched my point - maybe. I’ll never know…

Sorry if it seems I’m downplaying this as that is not my intention however your post made me think of this scene from the movie Dirty Dancing when Baby was asked why she was in the staff area and she replied:

It happens to us all.

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lmao! NOBODY puts baby in the corner,

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She shouldn’t have married Barry. Rachael was smart to dump him.