Sometimes I think i'm okay until I open my mouth

I’ve noticed that sometimes I don’t feel like i’m experiencing any symptoms until I try to talk to somebody

Does this happen to anyone else?

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Yep, happens to me too.

Stop being the same as me! :stuck_out_tongue:

Only with anxiety really

I say inappropriate things - when something is sad I try to cheer people up and when something is really good I get overwhelmed and feel emotional. And if I know I shouldn’t in situations - swearing overtakes like a nervous thing.

It’s just that i’ll feel fine and then i’ll go to say something and suddenly my thoughts are all in the wrong order and i’ll forget what i’m saying, sometimes I just ramble forever, and that’s when I start getting anxious

I think i’ve started to tune out my own thoughts, which is why I don’t notice that they don’t make any sense

Is this an example?

You are not God sir. I am. :smile:

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You’re God? Dad? :open_mouth:

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Ah well, not anymore. Was just for a small period of time. A few months. I was a terrible God… Didn’t want to listen to prayers…

That explains a lot, jerk. -_-

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“sometimes I drink propane then I drown” - Some Thirsty Guy That Everyone Lied To

" Ha-Ha " - That Was a Good One

" Thanks Just a Joke " - Cool We Should Be Friends ,

and yes Everyone Gets Nervous During Social Interactions … ,

It is a Start Button For Tha Fight Or Flight Response … ,

Even Mentally … ,

Tha Best Way To Naught Care About Other Peoples Dumb Opinions Is Too Jus Walk Tha Fudge Dizzle Away … ,

Because As e(Y)e Lyke To Say ,

Once You Casually / Mentally / Dissect ,

There’s Always ,

A Way … ,

RESPECT - Aretha Franklin (Inspired (by) Katy Perry) … ,

Naught Tha Post , Tha One Line Above Thus Line Rite Here … . ,

Have a Great Day Yo Yo’s (!!!)

Off to a wedding, wish me luck!


Good luck, you look awesome!!!

That’s the one thing I’m still good at haha

There were a buncha people there, it was cool to get out of the house though.

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Yes, this tends to happen to me as well.

When I’m overwhelmed and in a big hurry I get all mixed up in my words…
not that I can hear it myself,
I just know by the look on the other person’s face it sounds, well…“odd.”

Glad you had a good time :smile: