When you wake up at 3am

For some reason my body decided it was time to wake up at 3am this morning. It’s funny because I take enough medication to sedate a large animal, you’d think I could sleep through the night.


I know right. I do that all the time. Like my eyes just pop wide open and I’m awake and it’s 2 am. Like jeeze now what am I gonna do for the next 5 hours until other people are awake? I always come on sz.com but it gets boring. You can’t clean because you’ll wake people up. TV is stupid. I can’t go anywhere because my town is closed at that time. It’s awful.


Same. I usually sleep from 9-11/12ish them I’m up until like 5am. It sucks.


I can sometimes sleep through the night but typically only if I take Klonopin and for some reason last night I was so tired I didn’t think I needed it. Laying there wide awake at 3am I wished I had taken one. It sucks to be dependent on benzos to sleep

Be careful taking Klonopin for sleep. I was taking 1 mg about four days a week a few months ago but it stopped working and the rebound insomnia suuuuuuucks! I use melatonin now and it works great for me.

i take 30 mg of Haldol at bedtime which you would think would be enough to knock me out too. Nope! i think sleep disruptions are part of sza/sz.


I am worried about it stopping working, I try to only take it when I need it. One week I only took it once and I felt proud of myself but other weeks I have to take it almost nightly.

Same here. Haven’t had klonopin in 2 days. Im anxious but still trying not to take it

I try to ration myself to four 0.5 mg Klonopin tablets per week. I really need one right now but I know that the storms are coming with Hurricane Florence and I will prolly want to take Klonopin for that when the winds start up. :frowning:

I’m in central Virginia so we’re not getting the worst of the storm, just the outskirts, but the winds are expected to be horrendous. I live in a rented townhouse built of gum and spit in the 1980s and worry about damage and about my cats staying safe.

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