I can't sleep

I have not had access to any of my meds except Klonipin for the last soon to be 48 hours. Klonipin is not enough to knock me out. 1 mg klonipin knocked me out last night but it’s not doing the trick tonight. So, I will probably be up all night tonight. It is now 130 am.

Tonight I am getting a lot of good reading done: “Notes On The Piano: a series of essays on the playing and teaching of the piano.” This is a most excellent book. I’m going to recommend it to my teacher.

Also, I’ve been practicing my Spanish on the superb language app: Duolingo.

I get my depot injection tomorrow.


I have my meds, but the AC is out in my bedroom. The temperature is currently 87.6 F 30.9 C.

yeah, 1mg of clonazepam(Klonopin) wasn’t really enough for me either, I would sleep at most 4 hours. I take 1.5mg/night along with 200mg of l-theanine and 10 grams of Glycine for sleep, so far that has been working for me.

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Im currently on Risperdal injection but it gives me insomnia. Its supposed to be good for sleep but not for me.

I fall asleep 04.00 in morning.

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