When you stopped hearing voices

If you or when you stopped hearing voices did it feel strange?

I have hardly heard any voices in the past 6 months and it just feels odd cuz I was so used to them being there. Feels like an empty head sometimes


It was so quiet, too quiet, I had to constant read books until I adjusted to it.


I felt real weird like I was in a different life when I stopped hearing voices .I definately enjoy it even though every once in a while I hear them.No medicine that I have been on has stopped them completely.


i agree, i see demons still but the volume is on ’ off '…a few things get through…but yeah it is wierd…but nice… :blush:
take care :alien:

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I wish I could stop hearing them. :loudspeaker:

You know, I thought it was never going to go away it was pretty constant for 3 years. Then this year it started fading.

The only thing I can think of that would have reduced it is me accepting them and just letting it go and not fearing that they could always be around.
Other than that I have no idea why they went away. Occasionally they come back when I’m stressed about some decision but it’s pretty rare.

This past year though my negative symptoms got worse. So that is my new battle

I’m glad they went away. I’m hoping someday my derealization will disappear. It’s torture. I also have troubling negative symptoms. I don’t have an ounce of motivation in me.

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Do you know how your derealisation came about? That’s where you dissociate I believe. I got that when I smoked pot when I was younger.

I occasionaly get symptom of seeing objects appearing bigger or smaller than they should be or Dejavu or thinking something is different visually even though it’s the same.

I got it from having several panic attacks from weed and salvia.

Still haven’t stopped auditory symptoms. They come very seldom through my brain once I feel ready to sleep or am waking up. Still hallucinating visual things as well. I’ve been on Abilify for three months now, so it’s obviously an ineffective drug in my particular case.

Ah yeah that could do it. When I was 19 I had a panic attack from weed. Then I was in a derealized haze for 1 year. Then I started drinking heavily and it went away. 2 short years after that I got psychosis. I’m 27 now

That’s when mine will show up too. They still give me chilling effects and are more present since I started back in school, but not nearly as frequent as when I was smoking weed. I’ll usually have a few quiet days and then something will trigger them, usually doubts or the like. I read somewhere yesterday that it is our ego yelling at us.

They seem so real though, I often wonder if it’s just not some psycho in the street because they come right from outside my window.

Anyways, I live with earplugs in my Apartment now, I’m too sensitive to noise to take them off.

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I stopped hearing voices a few months ago I feel great

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This has taken a while for me since they quieted down. When the voices first diminished, I felt such a calm feeling setting in, I could relax for the first time in quite a while. Always had to be on my guard when they were around. Yet when there are no distractions, when I’m not really doing anything, I used to fear that they would be coming back again.

Here I caught my mind in action: for when I felt this fear about the voices coming back, I started to imagine/project what their reactions to my thoughts/actions would be. Or to recall what they had said in previous similar situations. I was most of all expecting something to be said. And to me, it seems this is quite prominent in schizophrenia. I expect something and then it happens. This might seem either a coincidence or, of course, some magical foresight!

Instead, I think it all has to do with interpretation. There is a big element of interpretation in perception in general. Such is coloured very much by expectations. We perceive very much what we expect to perceive. So this fear of the voices coming back will colour any little sound I hear. I almost start ‘looking’ for the voices. And I think that in schizophrenia, as well, we often find what we are looking for. I think it is significant that in these idle situations, when I fear or am expecting voices, if I would hear them, they are always hard to distinguish from imaginings or recollections. I am just unsure whether it is a ‘new’ hallucination, or a projection or recollection. In such cases, I catch my mind in the act of producing hallucinations.

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This is pretty much the stage I’m in now. I keep expecting them to appear but they don’t then I’m just waiting for it. I’ll get used to it.

When you are expecting them, do you also catch yourself filling in their words for them? like making up what they would say? Sometimes, in such situations, it is almost like I do not need hallucinations to have the same effect: I can fill in the commentary just as well as my voices can, (ofcourse i can!) the only difference being that the thoughts do not feel so alien, do not have a different tone, so to speak.

Yeah i do then I realise it is just me making it up. Then it will stop.

I can definitely tell the difference. It feels like my own thinking voice if I 'try to fill in the commentary thinking it is them


When my meds got upped… the voices faded…and it’s made my head feel empty.

I always thought I would miss them… but lately I’ve been getting used to the silence in my head…

Probably because they have been fading so slowly…

they do come back when I’m stressed or starting to have a rough day…

I like the quiet… I like that I’m not hearing anything… It’s still sort of odd.

Still getting used to it.

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I stopped hearing auditory voices at a very early age, not sure exactly when. By kindergarten or first grade? I don’t think I cared at all. I still got other auditory hallucinations like hearing non-existent music for a while longer. Started getting telepathic voices at age 8 though and have had those ever since so my head is never really quiet!

I’m scared of being alone in my head.