Anyone else ever stop hearing voices?

I’m just curious to know if anyone else stopped having hallucinations? I haven’t had hallucinations in over 10 years. I still take medication though and I have other symptoms like paranoia disorganized thinking and other stuff. I’m just wondering a general consensus of how well others have recovered?

Well I did- just stop hearing voices last week, when they raised my Invega to the highest level. Unfortunately I experienced side effects and had to be ramped down. Now I am afraid he’s going to take me off of it. So much for recovery while it lasted.

Mental relief might be worth physical side effects. Good luck hope your voices don’t come back.

sometimes, but it’s always come back, i try a lot of different meds but voices still there. i start to realize maybe i will live with them forever…

I wish my voices would just disappear, they’re awful

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My voices have been fading over the past year or so… my doc up my Latuda dose to help me out of a negative flat patch…and now I hardly have any voices. They come out and play when I’m extra tired or stressed…

But for the most part… I don’t hear them much any more. I sort of miss them… sometimes.


I’ve heard voices before but only like two-three times. I’m schizoaffective though not schizophrenic. I haven’t heard voices in years, although it was very scary when I did.

Voices aren’t part of my illness I feel, although I’ve had the symptom before.

Me too. In Jan I went through a bad patch where the voices troubled me, but then suddenly they left me and now with the med adjustment they are really quiet. Just heard them one night but otherwise no voices. There’s a male voice called Alien who lives in my head messing with my thoughts, but he’s been very quiet and not messed with my thoughts for a while. I’ve felt rather normal this last month!


Wow, no hallucinations for 10 entire years! I have some hallucinations every day, but it fluctuates. Sometimes it’s very quiet, other times it gets louder. Sometimes psychological reasons aggravate it, other times biological/neurological reasons. My awareness is good, but not perfect. It is never going to be over, though, as far as I know.

I hallucinated daily on Abilify, but now that I am on Risperdal, I really dont hallucinate or have serious delusions, but…
I still suffer from mania, depression and mixed episodes, plus anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia and negative symptoms/ social withdrawal -
Right now life sucks for me - cannot wait to see my pdoc

I don’t have voices yelling at me randomly anymore, I still hear some people talking but I think it’s just people out in the streets. I can’t tell the difference honestly, I don’t know if they’re hallucinations or real people. They are a lot more gentle since I quit smoking weed, when I was getting high it was Hell it seems they really didn’t like it.

I’m on the max dose of Invega Sutenna 150 mg, I didn’t know that at first, just learned it recently. If I don’t sleep delusions take over, some mild paranoia sometimes when I’m too active online, apart from that the things preventing me from moving forward are negative symptoms…

My partner started Latuda 7 weeks ago. His dosage was upped last week to 120mg and the voices have been silent for a couple of days. He’s a bit depressed and I was wondering if that is the reason why? Having them around for 7 years and suddenly stopping can be a bit of a shock I’m sure.

YES! It is a shock. When I was younger I got ECT and the voices were wiped out of my head in one go. I was so disoriented and confused and I didn’t know how to cope. It really hurt me and caused a lot of distress.

I kept trying to tell my doc my voices are all gone and he kept saying… isn’t that great? Isn’t that better? No… it wasn’t great. It was hard and too much to soon. I was so happy when I made them come back. It was what I knew… how I knew.

But this time… having them fade a little and then fade a little more… gradual… I think I can handle this. It does still surprised me sometimes when I find myself internally chatter clear. Sometimes I do miss them. It’s very odd to explain the shock of having a quiet head after years of head circus.

It takes some getting used to.

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I thought i was going to have to live with voices and symptoms forever, but i got on a med which makes me basically symptom and side effect free. I have off days on rare occasions, which id like to solve, but its better than before.

So I have a question about my husbands voices: should he talk back to them? A therapist told him to tell them to be quiet and to leave him alone. Naturally I get scared that this will cause him to go back to psychosis but I’m not the expert. A few of you have given them names? Is this helpful? To create them as people who can simply to told to shut up? He hears a man and a woman talking about him and how he’s a bad person. He’s not a bad person and he just started hearing them during a recent manic phase. I want to help him!

I talk back to my voices but it’s not necessarily going to help. Distraction is better.


Yeah, distraction beats arguing with the voices. It might make the person feel good but you have to learn to stop the conversation short, probably on a bad note, to interrupt the talking and do what has to be done.

Also, as a family member of someone with mental illness, you might want to try for the family member forum.

I only infrequently hear voices. Sometimes I hear them at night when I’m up on my computer. Just low, mumbling voices. They don’t bother me in the least. Sometimes they come in the form of strains of music. That doesn’t bother me either. I’m aware that they are hallucinations. I have very little paranoia anymore. And no thought reception anymore at all. I am hearing voices right now. They are faint male voices. It sounds like several of them are talking at once.

I don’t hear voices much even without medicine, just a bit, I mostly hear other things, I still hear the occasional phone ringing faintly when it’s not but other than that I have no external hallucinations with medication

I don’t usually hear voices often but since my breakdown last week I have heard them every day. Wow.