Do you always hear voices?

Hi peoples. I used to be on the old site and have been lurking here for a little while. It is the best site I have found for support. I am just wondering how many people are diagnosed schizophrenia but don’t hear voices. I have only heard voices once I think. I had a big psychotic meltdown after I tried to come off my meds cold turkey. I was picked up by the police and put in the holding cells whilst they processed me. I could hear what all the other people in the other cells were saying (thinking?) through the air conditioning but it was so clear I think I was hallucinating it and hearing voices. Sometimes if I have had a stressful day when I am going to sleep I hear voices in that dreamy state. Mostly when I have been ill I just have delusions. What have you experienced?

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Welcome back to the forum :smile:

I used to hear the same three voices constantly. I knew them so well, I imagined what they looked like and to me they almost became major figures in my life…the problem was that two of them were ■■■■■■■ evil. I also had a new delusion crop up every few minutes, they were mostly paranoid mixed with infamy, which is grandiose. Now I have been on a cocktail of meds and am pretty much clear of psychosis, I dont hear voices and i get like one delusion every few hours but immediately realize that it’s not true and it goes away.

I hated delusions more than my voices. Delusions were intrusive and interfered with my free will. It’s a horrible feeling to not control what you’re thinking. But you already know that.


We don’t want to lose our reason to a bunch of voices. Spend time at your local library and live for a while in the quiet of the library. They’re usually open all day into the evening. This one I’m in now stays open until 9:00 PM. A lot of normals concentrating on their reading or working on computers. It’s quiet in here. It’s like taking a vacation. Leaving here, I plunge into the noise of the present day world. It’s quite a surprise. Insane world it is too.


I never have, But I do hear sounds in/ the airconditioner running, the refrigerator , the fan. Like a sportscaster or sometimes a sitcom, a choir, or the guy selling things on TV. There’s no tv or music on. I know I’m not hallucinating, but I wish they would shut up.

I rarely hear voices. When I was sick I would have delusions and see visions and demons. Sometimes the one demon would scream at me. I couldn’t hear what he was saying it was more of telepathy but I knew exactly what he was saying. The other demon was mute and creeped me out. It’s the girl from the Ring. They both scare me but I think the girl scares me more because of how creepy she is. The other night a giant face came screaming towards me down the hallway which was scary. All of my hallucinations are scary except the voices. I was hearing them last night and they just say random things that don’t make much sense. But the demons are so familiar they’ve become like unwanted friends. Good luck to you. :sunny:

I have five voices that are with me always, all day, every day. Usually they are a murmur behind a door in my head. Sometimes when I’m stressed or my meds are wearing off, they get a little louder. When I’m in a panic mode, they really like to come out and play.

My doc has offered me some hard core dose of meds to just blast those voices out of my head, but I don’t want that. I can take my voices over negative symptom any day.

If having voices means I never have to feel that deep level of depressed apathy with no motivation and complete lack of will to live… then let my head circus play on. :elephant: :tiger2: :circus_tent:

the delusion came first and i started hearing voices about 6 months to a year later…first year or two they would come and go for months alternately…then later on they were just there all the time for years. then about a year and a half ago they started in a pattern. busy for a few months, then infrequent for a few months. then a few weeks ago a new pattern. alternately busy then infrequent every few days or so. but apart from the first few years, they have never left me completely. shame as i could really do without them. bastards that they r.

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most of my negative voices went on holiday to the bahamas ( just recently ), when they come back i am hoping for some holiday snaps and a more relaxed approach to the abuse.
my positive ones are still here drinking earl grey on the sofa and eating delectable cup cakes with lots of icing on top.
take care


I usually hear voices in the evening or early morning when everything is calm and the kids are in bed. I can hear a child screaming in terror. I have two men whispering and telling me to turn off the music in my earphones or commenting what I’m doing. I hear tv tv even when it is off. THAT is really annoying. I’ve gone to turn off the tv several times…and it’s already off!

I hear the voices chatter whith each other. I can hear long rambles about politics or the union.

I use my husband sometimes. I ask him if he also hear what I hear, especially when it is a new kind of voice.

When I get stressed i start to hear voices. Stress for me is working. Going outside my comfort zone. I wish all the voices would go away but they are never far away. Medicine helps except when I get in a stressful situation.

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I don’t hear voices all of the time, presently I rarely have auditory hallucinations, but I usually hear different noises when I am on the wrong med, or I am unstable. Whistling,doorbell going off, knocking on my door, police sirens, there is more, but you get the general idea

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I dont hear it often. When there is a loud air conditioner or something, it seems to cause that sort of audiofeedback gibberish.

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I have active dialogue with spirits that transcend to me. They are known people…many of them at least, and share history even. They are real people and my friends. I don’t have delusions, and think really smart a lot of the time. I have an orderly mind. Barack transcends to me too, and get controlled by sin. He talks and contemplates new ideas. He says alot, and we share relations. I live in the city of God, and get see the form of my friends souls. My spiritual body transcends to the world, but my soul body is in town.

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how do u know they r spirits? i hear the voices of long dead actors but i don’t believe they r real at all. one of my main voices thinks he’s going to heaven when he dies and everyone who doesn’t believe in his version of catholocism is going to hell so how does that explain the spirit voices i hear. it’s like he has one belief in real life and a totally different belief in my head so one of them can’t b real. so y do u believe u r talking to spirits? i know there is no proof for either of us about the spirit world but i choose to believe that my spirit voices aren’t real. i have heard barack obama in the past, triggered by a movie but i don’t believe he’s real either. i think u have to b very careful about believing in telepathy with both the living and the dead tbh. i c them as fragments of my own mind. not one of them can tell me their mother’s maiden name or their kids names before they died. not one and yet i’m supposed to believe it all without question.

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