Do your voices disappear for months then reappear?

My voices had been steady for the past 8 months, and then they stopped for about a period of two months. During this time they weren’t present, but I still was having negative symptoms (lethargic, neglect of personal hygiene, flat affect, and sleeping 12 hours a night).
Then one day last week my voices reappeared suddenly, i believe due to stress, but I can’t be certain. They are less pronounced, but if I focus on my thoughts, I can hear them and they are there. I am medicated with Risperdal 3mg, so I’m just wondering if it’s normal for voices to disappear for months then to reappear? Has this happened to any of you? By the way I am relatively new to this diagnoses, so I don’t know much, other than the brief symptoms the pdoc told me.

My voices are popping in and out all the time. Stress, my thoughts, feelings, and focus all are a factor.

When I forget about them entirely they do seem to go away. Especially when I have a string of thoughts that doesn’t relate to my psychosis at all. Even after just 5 seconds of that my brain gets silent. It seems impossible to come up with thoughts like that though on the fly, it’s just something that happens sometimes.


If I actively just pay attention to what I am doing they usually get quiet. If I listen,they are like little monsters and take over my headspace
I still believe they are spirit people but I take my medicine just to be safe.

My audial experiences typically only occur when I am about to enter a sleep state, or are very tired/sleepy. It’s very unusual for me to be at my peak hours of being awake and have such experiences.

As for them “coming & going”, I can’t really comment on that. The audial forms of my SZ stay inconsistent, infrequent, and unpredictable. The visual forms of my SZ, however, are constant - on or off medication.

I just moved 3 times in a year and right when I get to a new place they stop temporarily the longest time was 2 months.

Its not just the voices either its the strange things that happen like the last 2 times that I moved people would start screwing with me for no reason.

This last time only lasted 2 weeks until the voices and negativity started, I was staying in a hotel and the only time I went out was a couple of times to get food ,I didn’t interact with anyone but cashiers but for some reason this nutcase freak was standing on the roof of the hotel yelling threats at me.

My voices come and go. Once they were daily, then weekly, then monthly. I heard one maybe 3 weeks ago.

However, a lot of my negative synptoms and even some positive ones remain almost always.

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My voices come and go… depending on stress… anxiety attacks… or just plain exhaustion…

I used them as an indicator of either stress… or just not taking good care of myself…

When I get a manic hit and I quit sleeping… they come back as well.

just keep an eye on it… and if they keep coming… or not going away at all… maybe just let the doc know…

Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.

Thank you, I will use that advice.

For me I can’t be constructive here only to say that I have learned to live as a long term staple with the knowledge that I am not alone at all times, For me the voices are always there whether I hear them or not. In general I hear all the voices, I have had my hearing tested I have perfect hearing yet it is considered that I suffer from auditory hallucinations that others don’t hear.

I would say that you can get the sado-masochistic in an auditory problem, which for me I found constantly sinister.

I honestly thought that I was the only one who had this until I came across this thread. While the Seroquel has done a good job of keeping my psychosis at bay, I can recall some moments where the voices were away for several months and then they would come back. I remember laying in bed and hearing a voice whispering my name and I got very confused and startled.

This can happen. The voices can be episodic…You may be able to track start of your psychosis caused by going to a specific place, running into specific people, working, college at certain school…If your episodes start in company of same person OVER and OVER, this person could be causing your symptoms maybe due to their own mental problems. The advice on this one is avoid the person, not speaking to him/her again and sometimes the voices will stop for your if you don’t discuss his/her dirty laundry. If this person was a wealthy or someone threatening you, you HAVE to handle things this way and voices can stop in 2-3 years if you have no contact, do not talk aloud to self and do not follow orders from voices.

Other option, some people who follow orders from voices will start to hear the voices in company of a person that could be interesting to use, scam, screw up…whatever. Frequently, this could just because you are dating and is sick joke kinda. You can ignore if for a while and ask the voices why you are hearing it. Keep repeating ‘i like this possibility’ and ignore the voices if you want to…Things can work like this with some guys who follow orders from voices sometimes and would even beat woman’s face in due to aggression problems due to voices happening…These guys are jail bait but this can happen…

For some people who hear voices when out in public and it starts after you run into a specific person each time…This is bad joke neither of you control probably unless other one follows orders from voices to stalk, many people do in some locations especially to go to restaurants to bug people. Just leave quietly each time and voices may quit for you…If it seems to be just location based problem, could be an employee - just don’t go back there.