When to give up on life?

My Drs all gave up saying there is no treatment for my negative and cognitive symptoms. They basically told me to give up the fight of trying new meds and to keep doing what I am doing, staying in bed most of the time never going outside. I get stressed and anxious whenever I go outside my house.


Thanks for edit

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Don’t give up on life Aziz. You make insightful posts here and are a recognised part of the SZ community. I really do hope things improve for you Aziz.



Me too i get stressed going out
Do you go out at all?


Don’t give up @Aziz

There’s a writer who wrote this on Medium.
This person only published 2 articles. But really hit home for me.
As do your presence here does for me.

“Don’t tell me that it’ll get better — on chronic illness

Don’t tell me that it’ll get better — remind me of the good that exists in the present.

Don’t tell me about my big future potential. Tell me that what I can do and contribute with now matters even if most other people do more.

Don’t tell me that I’ll recover. Tell me that it is possible to live a good, meaningful life despite being sick.

Don’t tell me that I can do everything I put my mind to. Tell me that the few things I can do or contribute to matters.

Don’t tell me about a future where I’m not ill. Tell me about a future where I live a meaningful, satisfying life despite my mental illness.


I hope you start to feel better one day, sooner than later :slight_smile:
is there something cool that gives you pleasure? or something that you’re good at? if you feel like whats the point with life then can you add an anti depressant lift you up a little? for myself, im not aiming to find a bf or find some fantastic job to give me purpose anymore, but to just enjoy my time here on earth, I think you deserve that too


I’m kind of in the same boat
I’m getting fatter
I’ve tried everything in medication
I’m pretty much good as it gets, and it ain’t that good
I gave up on trying to be happy with myself years ago
Try going on walks or maybe camping with yer folks this summer
Put something off and cherish it later
Overcoming this stuff is important
People don’t even care if yer fat or sz


Yea, I was 135lb before sz and meds. Now I am 306lb, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high triglycerides, almost diabetic and only 32y.o. :frowning:

I also have the flu since a week ago, sore throat, blocked nose, cough, headache. My nose is still blocked now and I am coughing phlegm constantly. Fkn hate this. Its not as bad as when I had covid before the vaccines were released. My breathing is already hard without an infection but with the flu its too hard to breath. My Dr referred me to do a swallowing and sleep apnea breathing tests but I gave up, I am not doing any tests anymore or going to the Dr. Its pointless.

It’s good to see you around here @Aziz
Never ever give up
Keep on swimming


I hope you get to feeling better…sorry man…


Nice to see you Aziz.

I agree you contribute a lot to the forum and it’s nice to see you about.

You can still find moments that are good surely?

Things can get better.

I can have difficulty going out too specially crowded places.

You can live well at home without going out.

You can perhaps havd visitors.

Do you have a garden or balcony so you can get fresh air and sunshine?


Give up in 70 years. Probs the best time :grin:

You gotta keep looking for new doctors. Those docs just dont want to rock the boat.

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Hey @Aziz… don’t give up… things can improve … I hope you feel better soon… try theraflu or cold and flu alka seltzer…


Dont give up…your too young to give up hang in there


Never give up on life @Aziz . My father was sz and he stayed all of the end of his life in bed. (He died of heart disease at age 73).

Like yourself, he was not depressed either. He found things to do that he enjoyed while in bed. For instance he enjoyed talking on the phone with his siblings. He also enjoyed watching and reading the news. He spoke fluent, native Spanish so he enjoyed Spanish channel TV. He also loved smoking cigarettes. He loved entertaining his grandchildren also.

Every so often he would catch a plane to Mexico to visit his family as well.

He requested that the Frank Sinatra song, My Way, be played at his funeral. And it was. That indicated that he enjoyed a full life.


@SkinnyMe that was nice reading that.


I hate to be the negative guy but it can get worse if you do nothing. My uncle is like 450 pounds right now and almost never leaves his chair. His ankles are swollen to heck. Hes gonna live in that chair till its over


I also couldn’t leave the house and had trouble getting out of bed for years.

It was in my mid to late 20s. I am 31 now and things are kinda getting better. Hopefully you can feel better with time @Aziz


Im better than i was a month ago. I drove to jump off the golden gate bridge i started crying and thought im going to fight. I feel great today. Dont give up. Im no longer depressed. It was short lived. Hang in there like i said

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