When it rains it pours

Today I found out a friend of mine was killed in a murder suicide. Last night at about 5 pm his wife shot and killed him, his 6 month old son, and then herself. He was also the ex-husband of my boss and they share a 12 year old daughter together. The daughter was suppose to be at his house but on the way over she asked her mom and if they could go see a movie so she narrowly survived… The man was also a huge community participant, almost everyone in my 40,000 population town knew him. It’s just very sad to see, and with my grandfather dying on Wednesday morning this week is hell. I will also mention that in January my sister narrowly survived a car crash where her vehicle rolled 6 times and she was ejected. 2016, no good.

That is so incredibly sad. I am so sorry.

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Thank you, moonbeam. Trying to stay positive. :slight_smile:

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It seems you’re losing alot of people. I am so sorry.

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that’s sucks man, this week aint so great for me either, tomorrow is the anniversary of my late GF’s mother’s death, and she was very close to me, like a second mother. They say it gets better with time, and it does a little.

I also get to deal with losing two more pets, my other goat died and my other pet rabbit who was the sibling of the one who passed in Jan.

Some people might get mad that i am comparing humans and animals but my pets are like my children, there is no difference for me between a four legged person and a two legged one.

I also get to deal with the added trauma next month of celebrating my birthday which means only two days after i get to go visit a grave.

I feel for you my friend, Death is a shadow, they are right about that, but every shadow has an end, can only cover the sun for so long.

Pets become a part of the soul just as any human can. I’m sorry for you dremulf. Hard times are… well hard.

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also if it helps in middle my best friend lost his mom and dad to M/S his dad found out his mom was cheating and killed her on the 4th of july, everyone thought it was fireworks so no one found out until his dad came out into the street and blew his own brains out…my friend ended up in a mental hospital for a year because he witnessed the whole thing. i met him recently at a reunion…he has a very severe form of PTSD, he lives with a foster family still, the ones who took him in after, and he still believes they are his parents. Its actually scary, he acts like he always did…its like to him, it never happened…

:pensive: that’s a very sad story.

it is, i look at it as an example of what NOT to do. i went into denial when my GF died five years ago and it almost killed me. I will never do that again.

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What not to do is exactly right. The m/s last night really showed me that. I always knew it wasn’t a reasonable way to cope but seeing how much it effected everyone just concretes my previous thoughts.

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But seriously thank you guys, I just wish there was no evil, or sadness, or for that matter sz. I keep seeing the potential images of what the scene was like in my mind’s eye.

This is horrible… I’m sorry. It does seem like the world is losing a lot of people this year.

Just horrible

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Really seems like it, huh? I haven’t ever had too much loss in my life, just occasional. But this year is trying to kill off everyone I know and love.

This morning my uncle died after battling ALS for 3 years as well. I haven’t been able to go see him since 6 months before he was diagnosed. When it rains it pours…

Oh my gosh, I am sorry for your losses. I hope things get better for you. I hope your sun comes out soon. Sending good wishes your way.

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i’m sorry you have faced losses this years,

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