When fleeting thoughts become more permanent

Every now and then I think I’d rather live alone but it goes no further cause I have kids and all. But lately I think it more often regarding my husband. Make a long story short my nine year old who I took to dentist yesterday has a few cavities in his baby teeth he needs to get filled, he never had a cavity before so he was scared and upset and I was explaining and comforting him so he’d be ok to go next visit and my husband starts telling both of us we were “ridiculous.” And I think now that i"m not as angry you know he really does nothing for either of us except for own the house we live in. He really don’t he sits on video games at his age from 6am til 11 at night and snaps if you interrupt him. I’d rather be alone.


Have you tried talking to him about these thoughts?

sorry you are having a bad time.
take care

Sounds like you are already alone.

I would weigh my options about now. If he does not help with the kids, what’s the difference between living on your own with the kids or staying with him? Would it be because you couldn’t afford rent? I’m happy being a janitor. Would YOU be happy being a janitor? Or working in a department store? To be able to live on your own? Maybe live with a friend. When my sister got out of the air force she had my 6 year old nephew to take care of. She rented a room in a house and shared it with my nephew. Unfortunately the guy she rented it from was a coke dealer, so it didn’t last long, but that’s an option.