Do you live alone?

I don’t. I live with a relative right now.

Yes-since my wife died in 2005. Sometimes, in my darkest moments, i wonder whether i would be better in a group home for the company. However then i would lose independence.

I live with my parents but I am on the wait list for low income housing…

In my case I live with my parents; I have not achieved to be self-sufficient yet. My main problem is my avolition. I would like to be self-sufficient some day.
I hope that you are fine.

i live alone but my friend sweep visits a lot

I’ve lived alone for the last 1.5 years. It was very hard at first. Being alone all the time. Taking care of the apartment. Taking care of my dog.

But I’ve gotten used to it mostly. I try to only ask for help when I’m completely unable to handle it. Sometimes my friend takes care of my dog for me.

I try to get out and socialize as much as possible. Or have friends over for coffee. Socialization is very important. And so is support. I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for the great support of great friends.




I’ve lived alone for four years now. It’s hard but worth the struggle.The benefits outweigh the drawbacks.

Pretty much, It’s me and my brother and he’s almost never here. I like it that way because I get only as much social interaction as I want, and I don’t need too much.

I live with my parents, and used to support them too, so I had to be in a shape mood if we wanted to live the way we’ve used to…I can’t live alone, I don’t think I can, my psychosis get much much worse when I’m alone…and the more people the more better I get…but I’m anti-social so I don’t know how is that !

Except for my pets I have lived alone for most of my adult life. At one time I wanted someone to share my life with. Now I don’t ever see that happening. My ex moved out on the 2nd of April 1998. That was the last time I have lived with anyone.

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

I’ve grown scared to be alone. I think part of it is my age. I’m 69. I lived alone for many years and it’s true when they say that the longer one lives alone, the longer it takes to get accustomed to being with people again.

Live with my family now but I was living alone for 3 years before this experience started

I’ve never really lived alone. Even when I was homeless I was in a camp. I’ve been group homes, and other living facilities. I lived alone for almost 4 months when I first got my own apartment. But I was so out of my head and drinking and going off the rails I almost lost it all. I got sober and quit the drugs and that was when our parents allowed my kid sis to move in with me. She’s lived with me for almost 5 years now.

Not really, but I’m alone most of the day. We have a big house and I basically live downstairs and my wife lives upstairs. It works out well with my own space. We usually just eat meals upstairs, but I’m downstairs in my man cave most of the day.

Living alone would be a pretty big disaster for me. The few times in life I did live completely alone, the sh#% hit the fan big time. Lol

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I live with my husband and 6 cats.

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I live with my parents. My mom once told me that she didnt want me to be around but she had no choice. Idk if she would throw me out of our home one day.

I live with parents, i have lived a year with schizo alone before i was diagnosed and i was drinking heavily. When my delusions came to the worst i went to my parents house where they took me to hospital and i was dxed and put on meds.

I live with my parents. I am 20 and a sophomore in college, I dont have to do anything like laundry and buy food. I have the freedom to focus on my work and do whatever else makes me feel happy. My parents are very supportive, they dont even make me do anything, but I walk the dogs and help with keeping the yard up. My sister is bipolar and she lives here at home too. We’re the crazy family, my mom visits the pharmacy like twice a week, were all on so many meds it ridiculous.

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I live alone + I like it. I lived with my parents while they were still alive.

I live alone most of my life. Probably because I like my independence and I’m not very soci-abled. It’s had it’s dark and gloomy times and I wish I was more soci-abled, but nothing seems to change. I’ll likely stay alone for most of my time on Earth. On the good side I can do what I want without anyone critisizing me.

I’ve talked about maybe living in a home for the disabled, but that doesn’t really appeal to me.