In the end, I'd be afraid to be alone

I remember back in 2009 my first of my "unanswered questions’ on this website was about independence and the possibility of it, but I meant able to work and support oneself. Now I wonder what if money was no issue, and i think I would be scared to be alone. Not paranoid, it is just that I am not my own best friend these days, I was once a long time ago though. I’ve dismissed it to a writer’s critic, a practical perspective and other rationalized things but really at the end of the day, my therapist is right. Well it’s all hypothetical I guess. desimb

I have found the only thing worse than being alone is being stuck with someone you don’t like, or vice versa.

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I live alone but interact with many folks. I like a balance.


I love being alone, but I don’t like living alone. So really it means I like others around me, but not too close

I too like a balance. I like to have people around. I already know I can’t live alone. If there was no one around to talk me out of some of my ideas, I can only imagine what mess I would cause.

I use to need to be around people all the time. But have learned to enjoy being by myself. Although two days in a row by myself is a little too much. But I can just be around people like stores and thats good enough. I’m working now so I don’t need to be around people.

If I was rich I’d be alone. That’d be awesome. Its just that I’m not rich…

But if I was, I’d build this strange house away from everyone… and hard to find. Hard to see… but inside, it’d be a paradise for me. Every comfort… Every need. Accommodated… And nobody would know about it. Like batman…