When do you tell someone you’re schizophrenic in a relationship

With a girl? Do they have a right to know sooner rather than later?

Edit for clarity: Specifically, i met this girl on tinder. We are meeting tomorrow and already she wants to float down the river in a blow up raft with me. We texted for about an hour tonight. She’s perfect. Catfish? Maybe. Plus drifting down the river with a chick this cool is like a dream come true. It cant be real. Shes playing a joke or just likes to mess with guys younger than her or can tell im too stupid to realize it.

I just dont want to ruin it because of paranoia. Im asking for the future. This will probably not even happen. Idk. ■■■■.

Nobody has a right to know.
But a good idea would be to wait until a sense of trust is established, and then tell them.
Like I said, nobody has a right to know, but keeping it from a partner isn’t fair on either of you. They should be allowed to decide for themselves whether or not they can/want to handle it


It’s up to you. Schizophrenia is just a word, it’s more important that you’re just overall a good bf. Like you’re able to provide for your partner like emotionally, through time and commitment, etc. and form a good relationship.

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I’m SZA but I tell people I’m Bipolar. It’s easier to explain and half the truth :confused:


OOoohh - Difficult One. I am usually up-front when the subject of having a job comes up. Some havent faired so well.

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I’d say, first of all, don’t assume it’s a catfish situation unless it actually turns out to be one! It’s nicer for you and for her (nobody likes to feel mistrusted). But yeah I dunno probably wait to tell until you build up some trust. I think that’s what I’d do if I were dating.

I have a friend who has Type I herpes “down there” which is basically just like cold sores only not on your mouth. When she discloses to guys she is thinking of having sex with she often describes it like that first, then later drops the “h” word.

I think it’s a good strategy & basically the same thing I do when disclosing about schizophrenia to a friend or something. I’ll start by saying things like “you know, I often have experiences that aren’t objectively real” and then drop the “S” word later when they’ve had time to process that.

Anyway, I dunno if that seems like a helpful strategy or not! Might take some of the pressure off so you can just enjoy hanging out with this girl.

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With online dating I started telling a person before we meet.
I choose to tell them that and that I have genital herpes and that I’ve had kondylom (I recently found out that if you have had it once it can come back at any time for the rest of your life).

I believe I have a partner ment for me.my heart feels it and I have not felt that way with others (more like being with friends).

This partner knows these things about me.

I might start internet dating but I don’t want to keep having Boyfriends that are really just friends you have sexual with but don’t connect sexually n hearts don’t click etc
I want the intimacy,ecstatic sex and heart clicking ,spiritual unity and sacredness and love.

Many people may think you should wait til you have met or they may not want to date you /meet you once they find out about schizophrenia but I rather say it before we meet.

I told my x boyfriend before we met.
He was very supportive as such.

My biggest problem as an aged gentleman is what do you do for a living???. Well I’m on a disability pension and there you see my problem.

Just go out and enjoy the date and then worry about things as they come up. I’d do that if I was younger. Sadly, at my age, most partners are interested in other things I’ve found!

I would wait. If you start a relationship, then you can tell her. But it’s complicated because of stigma and rejection towards mental illness.

I tell the girl I’m talking to I take meds and I have a mental Illness. I Don’t tell her my diagnosis. I’m not sure if she’ll ever care to ask. She said “I’m sure you’re fine now” or something. That’s all she cares.

if they ask I would say “like bipolar or something”.

Say you have schizophrenia: block, or at least that is my experience on apps like Tinder
Maybe you’re lucky and that person is empathetic, but is hard and rare find an human like that

Now i usually don’t tell nothing about my mental status, if i have a little confidence in the other person i only tell him i have anxiety

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Never. If she sees you taking your abilify just say that they are vitamins.

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