To tell or not to tell with regard to disclosing your schizophrenia?

I have been seeing a girl for the last few weeks really like her, but i am not sure if i should tell her about my schizophrenia, thoughts?

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Love, Dating, and Marriage with Schizophrenia


I told Mr. Star on about the third date. Long enough that he could see I wasn’t a serial killer, but soon enough that if it was a dealbreaker for him, I found out before my heart got broken.


You need to tell her.

yea i would tell her too… don’t wait too long with it, it will only get harder to tell her then.

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tell. always tell. you’ll feel better, airing it out.

Keep it to yourself

I disclosed several weeks in. The other person has a right to know what they’re getting involved with. If it’s meant to be then it won’t matter.

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You will eventually have to tell.

Don’t be surprised if the woman figures it out before you disclose, anyhow. They’re generally smarter than we are in most ways (the ones that matter).

I personally dont think you have to tell unless youre going to get married. If you enjoy the company and want to keep her around but dont want to commit, keeping a secret is ok.

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