Dating with an illness

Hi, going to be dating soon and was wondering at what point would you guys tell the other person about schizophrenia? Do you wait till getting to know them better or?


Friendship first
See how it goes
Maybe say you’ve had problems with your mental health but that you function fine on meds but it has been harder to meet people


Show them first that you can behave in a way that won’t bring them drama nor regret before you reveal you have a label most don’t understand.


Let them get to know you… your just starting a relationship… let that first date become a second… and a third…

I feel a bit bad… because I always tell people to wait and let others get to know them… but I personally blurt it out there all the time. I usually scares people away… or they think I’m joking.

But most off all… follow your inner instinct… if your having a great time on the first date and mental illness doesn’t get discussed… don’t open that box.

Enjoy the date and congratulations. :v:


I usually tell them right away but I’ve scared some beautiful people away like that

Maybe not sweetie the illness makes us think we’re pushing people away by telling them mostly people would love you to make the next move.

I was just thinking about this recently as I was thinking there might be someone out there thats half way decent.

Then I realized that it’s been so long that I don’t even know how to approach a woman. …I think they changed sooo much since ive been dating that I probably couldnt do it successfully.

If I did I wouldn’t say nothing about being a psychotic maniac.

I told them flat out. It might help that I am a woman, but I feel as though if someone isn’t open minded enough to try to take you as you are then they don’t need to be a part of your life. I agree with @shellys12, friendship first. I have always been up front every where except work about my condition though.

My first boyfriend I met before I was diagnosed but the other three or four afterwards and no one was scared off because of it. I had one (maybe two, I’m on the fence about the other one) tried to take advantage of me but that didn’t happen. Predatory people are going to key in really quickly on whether you are vulnerable or not anyways though.


I told it straight away the last first date I went on. The reaction, I think, is not that uncommon. The girl did not know what the label meant so I explained it to her. Then she went ‘oh well everybody is a little bit crazy’, and went on to say that she believed in guardian angels and stuff like that. She did ask me out for a second date - did not work out but that was more because I didn’t feel too much into her for other reasons.

Usually with my telepathy and looking down at a mans crotch, I think I make him…

Seriously one guys crotch like jolted up. Men are little animals. I don’t know how the women’s world is.

With my ex when I told him I had schizophrenia he instantly went from wanting to get married to dumping me and assuming I would kill him. I had started hearing voices before I met my ex, but I just thought God was talking to me. I wasn’t diagnosed with it for more than a couple of years. I had actually broken up with him first, because the voices told me to and that someone would kill him if I didn’t. I sent a text to him to apologize for my behavior originally, in part because despite being on medicine I was still a little loopy and thought that God wanted me to apologize to him. I didn’t think he would respond back, but then he wanted to get back together until realizing I had schizophrenia. On the other hand I made a dating profile where on the profile I said I have schizophrenia, and there are actually people that will like my profile. It’s too bad I don’t have any money and am afraid of driving a car, then maybe I could date one of them. sigh. my dad only wants me to use one dating website, and I have to pay money for that, and I would just feel embarrassed saying that I used SSI money to date. I want to have a job before dating though, and I’m not sure that I ever will get a job, so I might very well end up celibate for life.

beauty trumps sz
personality sometimesdepending on the person.

like if you look nice enough you wont get rejected
and if your personality is nice enough you wont as long as you let them get to know you a bit first.

i agree to just be friendly on a first date and talk about yourself, what you like and dont like, if you have anything in common,

i have a few girlfriends but i have been friend zoned so watch out for that, it means that they will only ever like you as a friend and nothing more which is a bummer esp if you really like them.

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Just thought of this, if you are unsure about telling because of possible stigma, maybe an idea is to bring up other touchy subjects to see how they would react on that… Idk but I would be more confident about disclosing if I knew the other was open-minded about, e.g. gay-marriage.

Cat fish!!! Im looking for a women.

I’ve never gone on a date.

I’ve never had a relationship either.

And i can tell everyone that they are really missing out on this ■■■■! It’s ■■■■■■■ amazing!

For me it’s been so long it doesn’t feel like I’ve had any relations unless I really think about it.

I just let ■■■■ play out and tell people about my illness when it comes up in conversation and what not. It can show you’re confident and comfortable, most people probably feel that they’d try to hide it with the rest of their bs. So it goes.

I wouldn’t fret too much. Be yourself. The illness is only an aspect of you, it shouldn’t be a defining factor.

Whats a date really?its s mutual thing.

I tell them the first date like yo I was born with a dick in my brain, yeah, ■■■■■■ in the head

If they don’t like it they can leave

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Just go ahead and don’t worry about that because all kind of relationship must be based on understand and trust :smiley: , if your dating partner don’t have these things then you should drop that relationship and move-on as fast as you can .

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wish I could find a date that had lots of money and a nice person to boot,