When did constipation get better on Clozapine?

Anyone have experience with this side effect?

I take 2 different types of laxative and have some sachets which taste disgusting

Really starting to waiver in my commitment to this drug…

We just raised the dose to 450mg.

When I was on 300mg it seemed to go away after a while, but it’s has become more significant a problem since we raised the dose by 50%

I can’t get to talk to my MH team as they’re too busy

Someone please tell me that it’s worth the hassle in the end?

Yesterday I had a barrage of mental attacks on my brain

So it’s not even fully effective yet - and my pdoc said a few weeks ago that there Is plenty of room to go up! This did not fill me with confidence

For FYI I take 350mg at night, and 100mg AM.

If that makes a difference I’d really like to know this also as a change I can make

Thank you


Glad to see you post!

I don’t have any answers to your questions. All I can say is that I only like clozapine in low doses as a sedative and not in the higher doses as an AP.


Have u tried miralax? It can take like 5 days to work but once it starts it works and its something u can take long term everyday. I couldnt stay on clozaril for longer than 7 or 9 months.

For constipation for my medication‘s I drink eight glasses of water a day at least. And if I feel I’m not going the bathroom for three days I use an enema to get me going again and it seems to help for a while maybe longer.

My constipaition started to bother me again after being rised in meds one week ago.
Continue to take laxatives
drink pleanty of water during the day.
avoid junkfood and cokkies
Integrate boiled veggetables and fruits into your meals.
get plenty of exercise.
always eat some food when you take your laxatives as these will get absorbed in your fecies.
If non of these things help then you must get your Clozapine lowered.

I’ve been taking clozapine since 2019.
I never had constipation

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