What's your religion?

I was raised agnostic, was christian for a while, but now am an atheist.

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I’m an earth lover, animal lover and human kindness lover. So love is my religion :heart:


My parents are Baha’i, but I’ve never been able to understand the concept of god. I’ve always been an atheist.

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Good question, I try to follow the 10 commandments in my life.

I was born into a Christian family, I attended Church from time to time as a child, but now I do not identify myself with any Religion - I consider myself somewhat Spiritual and I do believe in a God.

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My religion is - Search for truth of existence

Qualities of my thoughts:


I don’t believe in a God

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I believe there are beings that exist in the source dimension and they have the tech to make us alive again and can also give us better bodies.

I don’t call them “god”. I just say beings, conscious beings, immortal conscious beings. No biology in their world you know, sounds heavenly.

I also am a firm believer in jobu and his abilities to bless your batting average. I learned of jobu while attending the church of major league. I learned wonderful principles while attending as a kid. Praise mighty jobu, give him some rum and he’ll let you hit a curve ball.


And with that the thread has been moved to Unusual Beliefs. Which is why we avoid religious discussions here.

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Jain - yes it’s a religion

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I have a deep and abiding fear of the Hockey Gods, always attempt to abide by their capricious demands, and leave many heartfelt sacrifices on their altar.


It’s Humourus To me That Tha Words , Christianity & Atheism Have Such Strong (good) OR (bad) Solid Foundations … ,

Jus Tha Words Themselves Are Able To Ignite Happiness OR Hatred … ,

e(Y)e Myself Believe In ,


e(Y)e Altho Wouldn’t Myself Claim It As Being a “religion” , For THAT Word To Me , Is “bloody” … ,

and Tha Truth Of Tha Matter It has Been Severed From Nature and Anyone Screaming Into Tha Wilderness Of a Lonli Nite Filled With Thee Abrasion Of a Mass Population Of Vile Indifference … ,

“religion” … ,

e(Y)e Can’t Dissect it … ,

Tha Closest e(Y)e Can get To Dissecting It Is … ,

“religion” - really itchin = 5 … … … … … ,

Point Is ,

THINK FOR YOURSELF , and Help Out , Along Tha Way …

@Ish I’ve heard of Jain but don’t know anything about it. @LED I haven’t heard of Baha’i.

I’ve read about it. Cool religion.

I know almost everything about Jainism.

Jainism and Buddhism arose in India against the Hindu/Brahmin religion.

While Buddhism disappeared from India, Jainism survived. Probably because its Founder was not overtly against the Caste System/Hinduism.

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Unitarian Universalist

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I am atheist and have been for most of my life.

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I am not practising. I think it needs to be brought into the 21st century. But I take what I can from it.


Yes but there’s different sects of Jainism. I don’t think caste system has been eradicated from minds even of Jains. Really sad. Like visas think they are better than dasas and vice versa.

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not one for organized religion…

I just try to live a life that doesn’t hurt others…


you mean Vaishya?..Yeah.

Buddhism and Jainism were started by Kshatriyas (Kings) who opposed the Brahmin orthodoxy and were meant to be a replacement to Brahmanism/Hinduism.

The reason why Jainism survives till this day in India and why Buddhism disappeared is 2 fold:

a. Mahavira preferred to keep quiet than actively oppose the Brahmins/Caste System. So the Brahmins who at start did persecute the Jains but eventually left them alone later.
b. Jainism philosophically speaking is not much different from Brahmanism except in 2 aspects:
a. Jainism is Atheistic but Hinduism is God religion
b. Jainism opposed the Vedas - the most important book of Hindus.

But like I said, Philosophically speaking Jainism is not much different from Upanishads - another book of Hindus. That is where Hindus managed to penetrate Jainism and corrupt it inside. Today Jainism is not much different from Hinduism as you say.

But Buddhism was diametrically opposite to Hinduism which is why Brahmins did not spare Buddhists and persecuted them badly.