Any religion you belong too?

I tried to go down the path of Christianity, all it did was make my delusions worse. Are there any religions you believe in?

Nope, atheist here. Blah blah, 20 characters.

Nope. If I decided to go to church I would join an Eastern Orthodox one. The big onion domes on top are pretty.


Sorry no set Religion in our family. But there is definite Buddhist slant come to find out.

What kind of Buddhism J? I’m a Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhist. I’ve gotten lots of benefits from practicing, plus the chanting calms me down. We believe world peace can be achieved by each individual finding happiness in their own lives.

Ahhh… Right there! That is the center of all things really.

I wish I could give you a better conversation on Buddhism. I have no real flavor to my upbringing. It’s just some of the ways and ideas I was born with seem in line with Buddhism.

I might want to look into this more. Half my Mom’s side is Japanese. But my education is lacking. But I am always willing to learn.

My religion is NO religion

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i am the son of a jesuit catholic priest
who had to leave the priesthood when he got my mom
pregnant with me, my mom the granddaugher
of an aztec sorceress; she had grown up living with that
grandmother, in her pristine aztec temple,
and her life of selling tomales in el paso.

unlike most americans,
i was not too lazy
to study all the religions
and all the philosophies
available in my libraries and bookstores,
and make my own opinions on the matter.

catholicism is christian mysticism,
a religion by schizophrenics, for schizophrenics;

german idealism rewrites christianity
into a greek religion;

buddhism is the foothills of human irrationality;

daoism is the high peaks of human mysticism;

me, I was recently made pope of evil,
leader of the religion of evil,
chosen by the demons for this role,
cause I can explain the meaning and the purpose
of evil : beauty.
my mission is simple,
to leave the stamp
of the religion of evil,
on my time and place.

pope onderdonk

Happy Lunar New Year Wonderdonkey

nah no organized religion. my parents r aetheists. i’m agnostic. if there is a god i hope he smites all my abusers with horrible things. some have already got their comeuppance some haven’t yet been touched…i’m still waiting. one suffers on a daily basis which i’m truly happy about but the other main one has yet to b touched…come on god/karma…i’m waiting somewhat impatiently!

I’ve been a Unitarian the majority of my life. We are usually very liberal, open-minded and accepting.

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You crack me up, Baked Beans.

Thank you for the very excellent food bank and volunteer opportunity.

You guys saved my life when I was homeless.

Yeah, we are like that.

Unitarian Universalist here

Peace be with you Ridgerunner

sith, but it is a way of thinking not a religion.
take care

I grew up Episcopalian Christianity. I converted to Catholism about a decade ago. I used to go to Church religiously, but I never made any friends there. I haven’t been to Church in a few years, because all they care about is wealth and power. There may be a few good priests or nuns in there, but it is not the norm. I volunteered with the Missionaries of Charity for four years–serving at soup kitchen, teaching religion to middle school aged children, and doing afterschool tutoring. I didn’t like the way the nuns treated the poor people. For example, they wouldn’t let the poor people use the bathroom at soup kitchen time. They were also very miserly in how they poured out drinks for the poor people. And they only let the residents there stay for thirty days. It was disillusioning. But they were very happy when someone dropped off a donation of money.

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Have you ever seen a movie called The Magdalene Sisters? The nuns operated laundry service workhouses in Ireland. :church:

No, I’ve never seen it. Did the nuns abuse the people?

Did the nuns abuse people? Yes.

The full movie is available on youtube.

Magdaleine Sisters Part One