What's your personality like?


My personality is anxious,tense,erratic,quiet,I always feel that I can’t connect with people and people mostly dislike how withdrawn I am around people,I hope 1 day I can change and not be so withdrawn,do you think it’s possible?


Think positively. Circumstances do change. Even not, you could make the necessary change.


At the heart of my Schizophrenia I felt introverted secluded alone and I struggled to make friends or tried as hard as one might in the pre stages to keep my friends,

But alas I felt a falling away and could not really get a grip on being a happy go to lucky kid who loved talking to people and getting to know them.

Through time with help from really positive people my situation changed in life,

For me it was figuring The People in my life that impacted me positivley and learning from them to educate myself to be like they were.

A hug goes a long way, Just no that’s were the line ends,

Exception Marriage


How old are you?
I feel same with personality but better on anti depressant
I’m 42 and am a completely different from when younger


hey,i am 24 years old,i am on an antidepressant call mirtazapine…whats the thing that makes you different from when your younger??

Now I try to improve on what I used to do,but not give myself too much pressure…


I hope you feel better soon. I hope you keep working on small outing and casual connections. I do think it will be possible for you not to be so with drawn around people. You’ll get some ideas… and meet people…

I was severely ADHD (Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder ) with a huge emphasis on the hyper. I was a pretty happy kid… (manic) until I wasn’t… (sever mood swings and out of the blue rage and sorrow)

My parents are both optimist… My youngest brother is fairly optimistic and my kid sis is the biggest optimist in the world. So I’m in a family of fairly positive minded people.

I took a detour through pessimistic… angry bitterness… and isolation. But I think I’m back on track for the most part as being fairly content and positive.

I’m having a hard time with the creeping detachment and flattening… the wax is trying to build up. But I’m trying to keep connected to life.