Personality is completely missing

no opinions, no unique voice, no joy, no feeling of self, nothing

people on here atleast seem to have a personality, any personality. You guys have clear unique voices that I can recognize as coming from a unique individual.

I feel like i dont have any shred of personality. this is very unlike how i was pre-illness. from what i remember i was a likable funny guy that had friends and atleast some kind of feeling of self. now that is all gone. all thats left is grieving, moving on, and thinking as positively as i can while still being realistic.

Guys i dont have anyone else to share this with who has sz. i cant be positive in this situation, im sorry.

i have ’ learnt ’ to be content/happy…
my early life was a nightmare… :scream:
in my twenties/thirties…i had chronic unrelenting depression…
i realized i had to ’ try ’ to be content/happy…
i changed my attitude ( not over night ) but graddually…over time.
instead of being miserable…i tried to be happy…eventually it got easier and easier. :smiley:
life is about choices…
yes as sz we have been dealt a rubbish bunch of cards to deal with…
but you have to ’ decide ’ ( and only you can do this )…to make that hand, the cards you have been dealt, work for you.
know someone cares :heart:
take care :alien:

p.s some days i am better at being happy/content…than others…but i still try anyway…even if it is hard .


You have personality.
You share your music tastes with us…


thanks darksith… always good to hear your advice

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@notmoses are you knowledgable about profrontal? because i read it can bring back ones personality

I, like Darksith spent a long time learning to try to be happier. It has taken me a 50 year lifetime to learn to like my own personality as is. I suffered terribly from sz in my teens and twenties, but it has improved steadily since that time with good medication and good therapy. A piece of advice, my friend: Don’t sell yourself short. When you are quiet enough and pay attention, you will begin to notice your personality again - but you must be gentle and quiet. I know, that if you’re like me, that can sometimes or even often be impossible. But it is in the quiet spaces in between the words and shapes that we find room for ourselves to grow, and grow we do, I promise.


I looked into it. In theory, it looks like it’s worth a shot as a mechanism to climb up out of negative symptom sz to some extent. “Activation of NMDA receptors requires binding of glutamate or aspartate (aspartate does not stimulate the receptors as strongly. In addition, NMDARs also require the binding of the co-agonist glycine for the efficient opening of the ion channel, which is a part of this receptor.”) But any claim that…

…may be an over-statement.

That said, it doesn’t look to me like the combo can hurt you if taken as directed. While there are no guarantees, the open-minded mental health professional is never averse to reasonable experiments. And as SzAdmin as suggested, the stuff may work well for some sz pts.

Since I was fifteen I’ve always had a hard time talking to people. I can’t think of anything to say. I go rigid, start talking in a monotone, and people start to yawn. It was a terrible frustration for me for a long time. In spite of this I have learned to be happy. I get into the simple pleaures. I enjoy things that most people take for granted. It’s not a bad way to live.

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True. I agree with Crimby on this. The only way I find happiness in my life is from simple pleasures and special moments. Other than that I find I feel very dead or irritable or depressed or anxious, and all that other sh*t that life throws at you! :smile:

I have the same problem with you.I struggle to have an opinion and arguments.It’s like i can’t figure what knowledge and experience i have now.I feel stupid many times.
Although the difficulties i think it takes some years and practise to find yourself again.Just do what you like to do.Have some interests and practise on them.