Whats your libido on antipsychotics? 1-10

Rate 1-10 your antipsychotic. Im on latuda i rate it a 5 since i still get kinda a labido but most the time i rather sleep than anything sexual. I heard abilify was the best lets see

It didn’t hurt my libido but it did hurt my ability to orgasm. Ive got it back now that I’ve been off Abilify and the on a lower dose of it for a little over a week


meds never affect a tiger… :joy:


I am on prolixin and I have around a 9 libido wise.

way to go tiger… :grinning: I’m doing fine too

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My libido on Risperdal is a 0. I have no interest. Honestly, I really don’t care.

I miss the days where i would get randomly horny. Doesnt happen like that anymore

Im really wondering how lumateperone will be classified

0 for me too. I feel none of it. I’m on a ton of a abilify a day. I figure I’ll probably never marry anyways so it doesn’t matter.

I’m hot like an oven :anger_right:


my libido is confusing, I would much rather pleasure my partner then have sex myself. I am usually the one begging to have sex with her but I don’t get pleasured in return. I’m not sure how to classify that.

When I was on abilify I completely lost interest in sex. I would have sex with my x and I couldn’t enjoy it, I had to keep stopping and starting. Embarrassing. But everyone is different. I’m back on resperidone consta and now I can’t stop thinking about sex. All the time I’m constantly thinking about sex , like masterbating 2-3 times a day. I’m single now, but when I’m out in town I get a massive urge to masterbate. It’s really embarrassing. I really missed sex when I was on abilify, but now I can’t control the images that pop in my head almost all day and night. I can’t go out without feeling like I’m on heat or something. So don’t worry your not missing out, it’s just that when you can’t have something you want it more. Also I masterbate but there’s no ejackulation when I cum, I’m dry.

The dry ejaculation is most likely because you have elevated prolactin levels, thats what happened to me while taking risperidone, and like you I have been on Abilify and risperidone and cannot enjoy any sexual activity… hopefully there is a med out there that will let me enjoy it but right now im transitioning to Latuda… hopefully that works if not I might try Seroquel next… it really feels hopeless :[

and my libido right now on abilify I would say is a 5 if 10 is being good

Not what it used to be, but that could be middle age. Used to use the little blue pill, but it doesn’t play nice with beta blockers. Still chugging along, just a bit more slowly. :slight_smile:

Where you on resperidone consta or the tablet form. Because when I was on resperidone tablet form I had no libido, but when I went on resperidone consta I had my libido. Resperidone consta is the injectable form. You could try that mate.

Since I switched my injection to every five weeks, my libido actually came back a bit. Not like it used to be, but still.

I think my libido is lower. I would rate it a 7. I’m on the injection Clopixol.

I have zero interest in sex. Love cuddling though lol!

1 on invega sustenna. maybe ill try risperidone consta

I pull the goalie everyday so I’m saying a 9