How is your libido with medication?

Hello citizens, I have paranoid schizophrenia and I’m on invega 75mg a month (xeplion) I don’t feel as horny as I used to be but I still manage to Jack off like 4 or 5 times a day if I wanted to. I checked my testasterone and it’s on normal levels (a bit lower side). On what medication are you and how is your libido? I want especially hear invega injection patients

I’m on abilify. All I know is when I went off of it I became extremely horny all the time. So it must be messing with my libido a bit.

I feel if I were not on abilify I’d have more libido.

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All medication seems to kill my libido. I used haldol. The weird thing i noticed is that on haldol i didnt have sexual feelings coming from within at all. But i could be aroused with a bit of effort from another person.

Withdrawal made me have this funny kind of rebound where my libido was suddenly much higher. But then it stabilized again.

I take 234 invega every 4 weeks and have no libido.

I’m on clozapine and top dose seroxat
I have minimal libido but I have to put up with it.


My libido is dead on Risperdal Consta, Geodon and Seroquel.

Risperidone and latuda, libido is nonexistent

No libido and all I can say is “hallelujah”!
My life is so much better without!
Clozapine and lithium and lamotrigine

On risperidone and very little libido.

Was on risperidone and had no libido

I was fine when I was just on Haldol but now I’m taking Lexapro too for depression and I don’t feel much desire.

When I was on 234 mg of Invega monthly injections I had zero libido.

It’s lower then before the first psychosis and starting APs. But I’m lucky the machinery works. Been on Invega shots since 2015.

If you are masturbating 4 times a day and feel your libido is lower than before, I’d say that’s a good thing. Hypersexuality isn’t healthy.

I’m on 12mg invega pills and I fap maybe once a week.

I don’t understand one thing about libido.I’m 44,and have erections in a while,but thats it.Why is libido so important to people who have MI’s.I could have sex if it comes to that,but having libido only for masturbation,thats ridiculous.Majority of people here don’t have partners or sex,so why is libido such important?

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I think it’s a quality of life issue. People deserve to have orgasms even if they don’t necessarily have a partner.


Average. Never had problems with my libido. It might have gone up slightly since I came off Clozapine though.

Im pretty horny on Clozapine !!

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