Low libido on Risperidone

Hey Guys,

I‘m 26, male and I take 4,5 mg Risperidone daily.
I don‘t believe in sex before marriage and I am not married. So the fact that I basically have no sexual desire on Risperidone is a blessing as of right now.

But I do hope to get married later this year, and then I definitely want that back.

I was considering to switch to Abilify for that, but back when I was on Abilify I had severe problems with impulse control (spending way too much money), besides back then sex was all I could think about around the clock. So that was too intense.

But I think I may have to switch the Antipsychotic.
I‘ve never tried Quetiapine but as far as I know it doesn‘t lower Prolactin? So maybe that‘s an idea.

And has anyone ever switched away from Risperidone and the low sex drive persisted, as though the drug had caused lasting damage there? That‘s something I‘m afraid of.

I‘m also open to other solutions if you guys have ideas. I heard Ashwaganda (if that‘s how it‘s spelled) can help. Exercise also.
From what I read Viagra isn‘t all that helpful.

Well, I‘m open to suggestions.

Have a good one

Ashwaganda definitely worked on me, but I’m on abilify therefore it just makes it more pronounced. I don’t remember using ashwaganda whilst on respiridone - as for quetiapine, it can cause galactorrhoea. something you might want to be made aware of before switching to it!

Edit, Yeah, I have impulse problems on abilify too

Sz gave me a high sex drive.

Risperidone I had to stop because not only did it kill sex drive, I got symptoms of ED

Got off that real quick

risperdal ruined me…I became suicidal because I was impotent on it…now I’m on generic prolixin (fluphenazine), and there are no sexual side effects…yay

I’m on 3 mg Risperdal. I have zero libido.

My libido is low on risperidone, it was very high on abilify

2mg risperidone, 40mg citalopram, horny as a beast unfortunately. Wish I wasn’t.

Golden I agree with you in that a low libido is a problem for such a young man like you are. I guess it’s time for you to find a replacement med to Risperidone. Such a young person like you should not have that problem.
I’m an old man on a 1 Gen meds that makes my libido go low aswell. To me that has been advantage because I don’t get so frustrated over not having a woman.

I take Paliperidone which is a derivative of risperidone and I have no sex drive. Could be my age too, do not know