Whats your libido on antipsychotics? 1-10

I shampoo the goose every now and then…I’d say a 5.

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Mine greatly improved after I turned 50 and got remarried, I just love, love, love that delicious pito. besobeso.

I got a decrease in my libido when they put me on an ap, but I still get horny. I also got a decrease in my sperm from ejaculation, which I don’t worry about because I doubt if I’ll have kids.

Before meds, my libido was a straight up 10. It got me into some trouble, because I was always hyper sexual. I would lose sleep because I would be too busy masturbating all night long. Now it’s more like a 6 or 7 and I feel like that’s a healthy balance in my life. I still have periods when I’m hyper sexual again, but it only lasts about a week.