Have antipsychotics effected your ability to feel attraction/libido?

It has for me. Im on 10mg Abilify.

When I was on risperdal it completely killed my libido. I had absolutely no interest in anything sexual. Now I’m on rexulti and it has come back somewhat, but not where it was previously, unless I’m also just getting old.

Abilify lowered my libido a good deal which was a big relief to me. I went from having to masturbate every day (for hours) to only once a week (for like 15-30 mins).


Latuda seems to heighten my libido by decreasing my psychotic issues revolving around sexuality.

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Yea plus I got ■■■■■■■ hemmoroids from geodon a swollen ball sack and a painful kidney. I feel like I’m gonna start pissin and shitting myself any day now.
Whatever the meds don’t do the weight gain takes care of when adversely affecting your health.

I can relate to your post a lot. Risperdal is known for its sexual dysfunction. I could reach climax but nothing would come out on Risperdal. Now I’m on abilify, and it has come back a lot, but not where it was previously, but I think it’s because i’m getting old.

Man’s peak sexual function is 18-19 years old. Womans is 30. But even at 27, I don’t have the stamina sexually as I did when I was 19 when I set my masturbation record :eyes:

Yes, I have very low libido on Risperidone :frowning:

My libido recovers within a week of stopping the meds, so Risperidone definitely is causing the low libido.

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IDK. I’m losing interest in sex but I think it’s more my age (56) than the medication. I still occasionally feel attracted to certain women. If I see pretty women during the day I still check them out and kind of think about having sex with them or kind of wonder what they would look like with no clothes on. It’s harmless and I don’t act on it… I embarrass myself in front of women all the time by saying stupid things or trying to flirt a little. But I rarely make any major mistakes that would be awkward or inappropriate. (which actually is quite an amazing feat for me).

I was really attracted to the cute pharmacist helper at the drugstore I go to a few months ago. But I think shes only in her early or mid thirties. So I won’t act on it but it sure is nice to know that all my systems still work and maybe I’ll find someone nearer my age.

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Abilify =no sex for me.

I have more problems with antidepressants than with antipsychotics.

I was all over the place with ability. (Hyperactive)

It’s harder to maintain an erection, but I’m not seeing anybody right now and I don’t live in an area with privacy so that’s not really an issue for me right now. It definitely could become an issue in the future if things change.