What's your best coping skill

Mine is meditation, and knowing I’m not alone when I read peoples post on here. I also get comfort by knowing how fast this life will really go by. When I look back it does.

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How do you meditate? Do you hear voices?

Distracting myself to outside matters like music and searching relentlessly for understanding this world and not to blame myself not because I’m not do wrong things but because I know I HAVE GOD and he will correct my mistakes,

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It’s good that god helps you.

I cope by posting here and religiously take my meds

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Denial. It’s how i survive. If I faced reality I would never get out of bed in the morning.

What about reality do you deny?

Mine was Xanax haha

I just keep repeating the same thing in my head. Like focus,relax,act like a man and fight. Not physical fight, just the fight if faith.It’s my stance that day.My psychologist thinks it’s a strength to be able to do it. I was kind of forced to do it for a year because it was the only thing that calmed me down. I kept doing it, and it’s still the only thing that calms me down.

It used to be mindfulness. That stuff really works!

I don’t have many coping skills anymore. But I try to walk a bit to release excess energy.

I can drink a lot of caffeine and it’s really bad for me. I can drink a case of diet soda a day!

Mine is music if I can focus on a melody the voices can’t touch me. Also I practice witchcraft which gives me a sense of peace cause at least I can do something to combat what I see/hear.

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Letting myself feel what I’m feeling and not fighting it. This was a surprisingly difficult skill, we’re so used to believing that we have to keep our emotions under control. It helps me more than any other thing I’ve tried, though.


I let my feeling & weird experiences come naturally. I am an unaffected witness…

my best coping skills is my meds, apart from that it is distraction, and having things to look forward too and do, i like to plan ahead and fill my time with cool things and also rewarding myself is a really cool treat when i have accomplished a really cool goal :slight_smile:

I guess my best coping skill is the ability to talk myself down. If I have nobody to talk to and I feel myself slipping or getting emotional, I imagine what my friends would have said to help me, I imagine entire conversations with them about what’s bothering me.

I also listen to music, and I’ve learnt to distract myself.
Whenever I find myself thinking of something unpleasant, I try to replace it by thinking of this:

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Probably my most common one is distraction but my favorite one is laughter.

I do the same thing, but then I carry on imagined conversations with people in my head all day, unless something distracts me from it.