:::!:::-Personal Coping Skills-:::!:::


What Are Your Officially Personal Coping Skills?.

Here Are Mine.

1.) Music.
2.) Spirituality.
3.) Nature.
4.) Psychological Enlightenment Studies (Spirituality & Nature Combined)

Jus a Few as an Example.

What About Yuu (???)… . … :sunny: :alien: :sunny:


Medications, Family, Friends, Exercise, Some sort of hobby rather than video gaming or net surfing! And music of course!


Thank Yuu For Your Contribution @rogueone!.

If Anyone Else Would Like to Contribute, Think of Thus Thread as a Spark to Ignite Inspiration…,

Motivation to Inspire to Motivate to Inspire to Motivire… . … :slight_smile:


Don’t drink heavily alcohol, do drugs or such.
Stay away from people causing trouble for me.
Drawing and writing.
Avoid stress.
Don’t know how to cope with death, illness and natural disasters. Construck a healthy frame of mind. Moderate exercise, balanced diet and likeminded friends. Taking the right medication.

Thanx @Dunno3x!.

Creativity is a Very Important Tool I Personally Find to be Extremely Helpful…,

It Sometimes Has The Power to Push Away Negativity, Be it Inner Images of Something Atrocious and or Simply Put, Negative…,

If One Feels For it to be Necessary to Drink Alcohol, My Advice, Like Yuu Said, Be Cautious and Try Not to Blur The Lines Too Much. Know When it is Time to Call it a Night…,

Jus Not Long Ago, As I Got to The Nearest Store, I Found That They Jus Started Selling What Was Called a (CBD Recovery Shot)-(For Relaxation).

To My Surprise it Actually Seemed to do As Advertised…,

I Passed Out After About an Hour of Drinking The Bottle (kinda like a 5 hour energy), Slept Like a Baby…,

Woke Up and Continued on My Mission. Felt Ready to Tackle The Day. But There Was No (thc). So I Dunno How That One Goes…,

N e Hoo, No One Knows How to Deal With Death Completely For Starters…,

It’s a Long and Winding Road as JOHN LENNON Says…,

Much to Learn, but Can be Very Emotionally Painful…,

Jus Don’t Give Up On Yrself…,

And For Anyone Else Interested in Adding Your Spices to Thus Thread Potion of Understanding, Togetherness, Hope, and Casual Spirituality.

Feel Free to Sprinkle Your Male/\Female Fairy Dust (!!!)… . … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I think keeping yourself busy is the main thing. Do things you enjoy or try something new. Try keeping away from things like the internet.

Hello There!.

I Am Slightly Confused…,

Why Would Yuu Say “try keeping away from things like the internet” When Here Yuu Are, Talking to All of us (???)… . … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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I think moderation is the best thing. I dont think I would cut it out completely, but staying on the internet all day is not good for you. Best to find something more fulfilling.


I Can Agree With That…,

What Inspires Yuu Personally to Reach Higher Than The Stars (???)… . … :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Thats a hard question! Umm, I am not sure really, the same as everyone else. Hope for a better life.



Hope is a Fascinating Word…,

A Better Life…,

A Better Reason to Keep on Marching…,

But One Has to Wander Around Their Personal Space and Ask Themselves, ‘Is It Really All That Bad’?.

It Could be Better I’m Sure…,

But It Could be Worse… . … :pensive:

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Thus is What We Have Collectively Gathered So Far…,

Family . Creativity . Structured Fulfillment . & Hope .

I Say, With That in Mind,

Create a Realistic Structure That Rests Upon The Traditional Sphere of Family.

Perhaps (???)… . … :eye::eye:

Piano practice
Spanish study
Friends and family
Cultural events

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Hello @SkinnyMe!,

I Wonder…,

Would Yuu be Able to Elaborate?.

Seems, At Least to Me, Like a Very Thoughtful Sketch of Coping Skills…,

I Have an Interest in Your,

Prayer~ ‘How do Yuu Pray, & What For’?.

Nutrition~ ‘What Does Your Daily Intake Consist of’?.

Meditation~ ‘How do Yuu Meditate?, What is Perfection For Yuu in That Realm’?.

Pets~ ‘Any Fun Stories Yuu Would be Willing to Share’?.

Books~ ‘Any Examples of Books Filled to The Brim With Enlightenment’?.

Music~ ‘Any Personal Favorites, Artists That Always Pick Yuu Up, or Teach’?.

Movies~ ‘What Movies Capture Your Heart From Start to Finish’?.

Thus All May Seem Like a Bit Much, But I Would Love to Add Yuu to The List of Current Examples of Personal Coping Skills and Sea if Thus All Can Evolve into Something More Meaningful & Even Perhaps Helpful For Anyone Having Troubles Coping Right Now… . … :upside_down_face:

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And to Not Downplay @SkinnyMe’s Possible Response, But!,

If Anyone Would Like to Add to Thus World Famous Question,

What Are Your Favorites, IN!,

1.) Music~ ‘_______’.?.

2.) Books~ ‘_______’.?.

3.) Movies~ ‘_______’.?.

Feel Free to Post Your Personal Advice on Entertainment & Education.

As The Earth of Thus Thread Shifts, Perhaps We Can Collectively Unite Each Addition Towards Some Sort of Positive Connectivity & Learn, Instead of Fear That Topic.

The Topic of Connectivity. As Some Mention Perhaps, The Matter, Sometimes At Hand, Ideas of Reference… . … :money_mouth_face:

I gave it a little deeper thought about coping and not coping. Do you live in a prison cell? Do your inmates shyt you ? Its acceptance and deal with it till you adapt. In time you will find a different, something better happiness. You got to search inside you.

Thanx For The Addition @Dunno3x.

But Your Input Isn’t Very Helpful…,

Sorry Not Sorry or Something…,

Keeps it Cools… . … :thinking:

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I cope everyday by listening to music 1965-1982 period of time. Classic rock and roll :guitar:

I get into books :books: like J. R R Tolkien, Terry Goodkind, George Martin, and the Bible

Hoping when they get my meds straightened out I can training again because I want to hike the Rockies again one last time.

And my cats :cat2: love them feline babies and they love me back

Who are you to judge ?

@ATARI, I will try to answer your questions, and thank you.

Prayer: I pray for my family, friends, acquaintances, enemies, strangers and people around the world, dead and alive. For their health, safety, finances, salvation and happiness. And for the release of the dead.

Nutrition: I eat cereal, sugar and milk in the am.
Flavored greek yogurt with a sugar cookie usually for lunch.
And a lot of times, I like to have a Coffee/Banana/Almond/Cacao Smoothie along with a cup of mixed veggies with salt and butter for dinner.

Meditation: I often like to do a Yoga Nidra body scan meditation for 30 minutes every day.

Pets: I own a stubborn little ginger tiger tom kitty named “Simba”. He is 16 years old which makes him 80 years old in cat years. He is an old codger. Despite his age, he can still jump up and down to and from pretty high places. He is a dear. I love him very much.

Books: I read a book not long ago which really helped me get my finances in order. It was called: Financial Peace Revisited, by Dave Ramsey. I also did a workbook that went with it.

Music: My favorite composers are: Beethoven, Chopin, de Satie, Mozart, Glass, Einaudi.

Movies: Dumb and Dumber, The Godfather.