What are your coping skills

@Schztuna you inspired me to post this so thank you

What are your favorite coping skills? Mine is crocheting, it really helps me when I’m stressed but when I’m in the middle of a panic attack I like to talk into my fan otherwise it just goes on and on


Right on! I make a cup of tea when I get stressed-- I find it helps to sip on something warm.

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If things get really really bad I take 1500mg of beta alanine. It’s like a horse tranquilizer ! It completely sedates me and dumbs me down.


Take 2 pills and hey presto !

I don’t recommend continuous long term use but as a prn it’s great ! The effects last for about 9 hours.

I think everybody should have a PRN that they can turn to in emergencies. Whether it’s an actual medication or a supplement.

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Is collapsing into a tiny ball and rocking back and forth, chanting “I don’t wanna” a coping skill?



I’ve gotta listen to music most of the day. Keeps me distracted, and calms me down.

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Coping with the long days. I walk to town then jump on a bus. Get to the last destination look around in shops maybe then jump back on the bus for home.

Today’s a nice clear day. I’m happy

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Video games help me a great deal. Also talking about my fears with loved ones when they’re up to listening.


Usually if it’s mild symptoms I can squeak by with TV, video games, and music. Sometimes I’ll employ humor. But if it’s bad I’ll take an Ativan or take a double dose of gabapentin. Don’t recommend the gabapentin idea but it works for me especially with extreme akasthia.

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Binge watching shows. Listening to music or audiobooks. Often I just can’t do much. Down a ton of coffee and smoke. Not exactly healthy choices.

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Today I’m realizing everything is pressure. Symptoms like racing thoughts and any information from the outside world is just added pressure so I’m trying to realize what kind of stress I’ve been under and it’s not all my fault. I’m trying to tune it out a little more or control it better. Maybe that can help with the stress I’ve been under.

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My coping skills, besides meds, are:

Piano practice
Sleep hygiene
Good nutrition
Pet ownership
Cultural events
Social media


I’ve learned that distraction is the key with this illness.

I leave my radio on all day and read comics or books a lot.

And often watch a feature length movie.


I generally cope by the medication i am allready using. On stressful days i take double dose than prescribed to sleep easily. So I purchased some more tablets (10 to 20) requires for 3 months prescription.

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