Whats up with plants?

They’re just so leafy.

Always growing.

Whats up with them?


I guess they don’t have a choice… :smirk_cat:

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Yeah what is up with those brainless schmucks.

I cut em down every time I get the chance.

They grow tall. They got chutzpa.


I like the oxygen they give out.


Who do they think they are?

Just because they support us with their very existence?

Some of you may know that I support ‘some’ plants more than others.


I strongly wish that should I ever buy a property of my own, that by then the laws will have changed such that it is no longer mandatory to cut your lawn. I’d love to have a long grassed lawn and trim it differently than they do in the majority of lands on this Earth.

It’d promote more ecosystem diversity & strength. A greener Earth means better air quality too.

It’s just so ass-backwards that everyone is coerced into buying energy guzzling lawn equipment and thrashing lawns & bushes all to hell in order to satiate some stupid aesthetic standard that the British royalty started centuries ago.

I think weeds & dandelions are beautiful things to behold, though. I used to do a relaxing meditation staring at them during summer when off medications. It was impressive.


I love plants mayne

Plants give me oxygen :deciduous_tree:

I am so greatful :blush:

As in the herb variety? Or do you mean daisies?

O I like both…

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Why is this flagged as unusual beliefs?

LOL MAN !! GOOD MORNING GUY.so you just woke up did you?

I think Pans starts pretty much all his threads here in a preemptive strike.

Both man,!! I can dance through either,you never read poetry about dancing through daisies?

Doc Holiday quote: “You’re no daisy, you’re no daisy at all”.
Doc Holiday quote: “I’m your huckleberry”.

I’ve heard of daisy dukes. And pushing up daisies.

Is there a corralation there that only im seeing?

No, I see it too, now that you mention it.

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