Whats up with plants?

But they’re so smug.

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I think that depends on the plants… Some plants are very smug…

I think ferns are very friendly and giving

Ivy’s are all over you in a heart beat

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Ferns are nice and all but I’ve had enough of the naked ladies in my yard. Nude plants = not cool. Put some leaves on!

If you haven’t heard about naked ladies they’re also called spider lilies. I don’t know if they have them up where you are but if you’re curious you would probably have much better luck typing in spider lily.

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It’s usually the orchids that get labeled as erotic and phallic…

Nice to know it’s not always the orchids.

If you can identify a ‘weed’ and then learn about it’s medicinal qualities you stop thinking of it as a weed. All those weeds have a medicinal quality - that’s apart from playing host to wildlife.

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Exactly. I don’t like the word “weed”. It’s highly useful in ecosystems. My theory is that it helps filters things and holds hydration for the ecosystem.

Laws about lawn care should change. It’s a crime against nature, really, and it wastes tens of billions of dollars annually.

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Yeah, that always creeped me out about orchids.