What's the point of this forum?

I thought this was a discussion forum. If I can’t bring up the origin of the label schizophrenia or even my personal struggles and belief that I no longer need anti-psychotics or stimulants than why am I even here? Locking my post after only one response, and not allowing any discussion well I’m so sorry it’s triggering to think that there’s other ways and that most people with schizophrenia don’t even know where the word comes from.


What was the topic of your thread that got locked?

This is a pro-medication peer to peer support site


It could be called Fiddle Faddle Syndrome and it wouldn’t change the fact that I have alien delusions and hallucinations that I need meds to control. A rose by any other name would still need Geodon daily.


I briefly scanned your thread. I wouldn’t subscribe to your philosophy on drugs but I agree that subjects get shut down sometimes that I don’t think need to be. This board is overly protective of it’s members/philosophy. Simple things get flagged that don’t need to be too.


It would be nice if anyone gave me a reason to stay on the medication. But locking a thread that merely states the origin of the label by a Eugenicist only further leaves me feeling isolated. So much that I feel like giving in and just rejecting the label completely.

Thats why I’m going to another forum where I won’t be judged for my experiences. open-dialogue is a more successful approach it seems.

I’m sorry you felt unsupported. This is and always will be a pro-medication and pro-psychiatry site, and posting videos by anti-psychiatry people will lead to those posts being removed. I hope you decide to stay here, but be aware that this is how the site is run.


I think being pro meds is really important on this site because so many people have delusions and paranoia around taking their meds, the very meds that could stop the delusions if one simply takes them as prescribed.


You realize the disaster that happens if you encourage ppl to quit their meds? Homicide and suicide. That’s in my case and some others at least. Without meds its hell and mental torture. You don’t magically heal from brain damage, schizophrenia is like that.


I was not trying to encourage anyone else to stop theirs. It’s something I was dealing with at the time and I’m sorry if it came off that way.


@Gabzgrl I didn’t read your thread but if you are suffering from a psychotic illness and need support this is a great place to find it. I know right now you feel rejected because your thread was locked but there are lots of other things that can be discussed. I hope you’ll stay to find support if you need it.


Hi Gabzgri,

I think exactly the same!

You’ll learn that this is what I term a mouse trap forum unless you post things like Yelllow is Yellow titles.

Or you get banned like me…

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This is not a democracy!!!

But really it’s not it’s an independent private owned site that has an idea for recovery in mind for people, a recovery model that has helped millions upon millions!!!
Including myself


We’re very pro medication, but if you don’t seek medication we tell you how to do so as safely as possible.

Please talk to your doctor that you want to be weened off any drug you’re on.

I understand you might have some religious or spiritual understanding what schizophrenia is, but we take it from the science and try to stay fairly agnostic as to how we treat people on here.

I haven’t seen anyone respectfully saying they have a faith based belief in the basis of the illness getting censored if they don’t push it on people.


Yeah, it has it’s flaws but this is the best Sz forum there is out there.


I agree that this site is way too pro-psychiatry .


Nothing you stopping you from starting your own.

I like most of the people here, that’s good enough for me but thanks for the kind suggestion.


I’ve been coming here on and off for over 2 decades now and if you pick up one thing from these stories is that medications really are the answer to 99% of the problems for most punters.