What's the most weight a psych med has made you gain?

For me it’s 8kg and counting on mirtazapine. I know it’s not much compared to some people but I’m a bit young.

What about you?

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About 50 pounds but i have no idea how many pounds a kg is. I could google it.

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I gained 50 pounds on Geodon, then another 50 on Abilify. Both supposedly weight neutral. Then I lost over 100 pounds on Zyprexa, which normally makes people gain.


Two Mack trucks, and a piano.


I use to be boney I gained 30 pounds on invega. I have leveled out close to 160 pds.

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Oh yeah, Invega - gained 26 pounds in 4 months, which I still can’t shift two months after stopping it.

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I gained 35 kilograms or 70 something pounds. I was on abilify but taking zyprexa as a prn for a few months.
So i weighed 70 kilos all up then went up to 105 kilos. It was a lot and really fast. But i think 70 kilos is pretty underweight for me as a 6ft 3in tall man. I want to lose weight and be around 80kgs.


Over a hundred pounds.

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The first years I gained 45 kg/100 lbs. then I lost 30 kg/66 lbs. now I’m still 25 kg below my max.

I’m 6’1’’ (1m85) and 82 kg/180 lbs now.

30+kg. Clozapine along with Sodium Valproate and Escitalopram.

That’s why moderation is the key . Gut health is important for mental health, and if aps lead to bad weight gain they have the opposite effect.

I gained 60 pounds in 120 days when they put me on Zyprexa. That’s a half a pound a day. I don’t know how I did it, because if the weight I put on was body fat I would have needed a 1750 calorie excess daily to gain it, and I know my body could not hold 60 pounds of fluids.

Zyprexa was just a nasty, nasty med for me.

Didn’t touch symptoms and I probs gained more than 40lbs in about a month and a half on it.

20kg on invega 15 characters

25 kg possibly 30 kg.

50lbs at the most .

Maybe 50 pounds

I gained 90 pounds (40.8 kg) in one year on Seroquel. I lost 100 pounds (45kg) and then got put on mirtazapine and Invega and gained 40 pounds (18.14 kg) in 4 months. Im now back on Haldol. I need to lose the weight

Gained around 100lbs on Invega

I have gained 15 pounds, on Seroquel. Doesn’t sound like much, but it really bothers me. I used to be small enough to wear crop tops and look OK, but now my gut sticks out quite a bit and so I look terrible in tops that show even a tiny bit of belly. All of the new weight went to my gut and some to my thighs.

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