Trying to get skinny

I’m 6’3 and 300lbs I’m taking clozapine and Invega. I’m way over weight, does anyone suffer from weight gain from aps?


I’ve gained lots of weight on Olanzapine

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When I was on Zyprexa my weight shot up to 330lbs. Since I switched to Abilify, I have been able to lose weight. Last Wednesday at the doctor’s office I weighed 247lbs. I still maybe have another 50 to go until I have a normal BMI.

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I gained 100 pounds on Seroquel. I’m on a different med and am losing weight by restricting calories and exercising

Oh, yep. Zyprexa was my personal demon. Have lost some weight this year and am currently stuck on a plateau. Mainly figuring that if I’m not gaining right now, I’m still winning.

Remeron made me gain weight.b it’s antidepressant. I have to cut down on junk food and lay off of beef. Eat fish etc. Have you ever thought of just walking alot might help? I lost a little weight. I hope you get better soon hugs.

Ps I’ve been drinking. A, nono

I’ve been trying to lose some weight, I really need to lose at least 50 pounds or so.
I’m restricting my calories and I’ve been trying to eat healthier but I’ve only lost a few pounds now Im stuck at 205 lbs.
But months ago I weighed 213 lbs.

I still need to lose about 10lbs. Since cutting back on sugar my weight has been slowly going down. I am on abilify which is better than other APs re weight gain.


The only way I have found to combat this is to pick meds with movement/sexual/hormonal problems.

I am scarred by the 35 kilos I put on whilst taking Olanzapine, and I refuse any med with a weight gain side effect that’s common

My lifestyle has changed this year, and instead of office work I am now doing a manual labour job. This has helped massively with my weight.

Diets are not sustainable in my experience

I was 135lb before my sz, 295lb after. Now stable at 272lb with skipping breakfast but I need exercise to lose more. Need to lose 110lb to have a healthy BMI.

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For every year I’ve been on antipsychotic drugs I’ve put on about half a stone.

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I’m on Zyprexa (20 mg).I used to be 56 kg before APs Thanks to Zyprexa I was 86 kg last year, very sad for a young person (I’m twenty). My father and I stopped eating carbs and now I weigh 68 kg (BMI 25.3)

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I’ve gained 55 Kg on my meds. I lost 9 Kg in the meantime. But when you are skinny then you want to be muscular. It’s a vicious cycle. If your fat you want to be skinny, if you are skinny you want to be jacked. It never stops.

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