If you gain weight on antipsychotics - how much?

  • 1-5 kg
  • 5-10 kg
  • 10-20 kg
  • 20-30 kg
  • 30-40 kg
  • 40-50 kg
  • 50< kg

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25 kg…!!!

What antipsychotics are you on?!

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ive gained almost 90 pounds since i have started taking antipsychotics but i stopped taking them and restarted so that made me gain more i am switching to one that doesnt make you gain weight in a couple days so i can start losing weight

31 kilos. I am on Zyprexa. yes, its a bomb… but I suspect my depression also involved in the weight gain…I am the shadow of myself since years…

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I gained about 5 kg. I’m on Aripiprazole and I was put on Quetiapine more than a month ago. I’m trying to eat healthy, I’m a vegetarian

I had gained about 40 kg by antidepressants and antipsychotics, then I lost some and gained again about 20 from antipsychotics…

I gained 40lbs (18kg). I’m only 5’7 so I am overweight. I wish I was skinny again so I could run fast like I used to.

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I gained 50 lbs , but have since lost the weight

The aps are tested for weight gain over a few weeks. Don’t read that someone gained a little weight and think oh I won’t gain weight. For me it set in over the course of like 8 months. Then it gradually but steadily began to increase again when I started eating more.

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Invega made me gain about 50 pounds (22kg) within 2 months!

Was 100 pounds pre-antipsychotics, now am 200 pounds, bounced around all over taking and stopping meds, taking and stopping extreme exercise classes, binge eating and fasting…ugh. My food issues came into existence when I gained all kinds of weight because of zyprexa. I tried to prevent it, tried to fight it, gave in to it, did nothing to help it, tried to fight it again…

Been at 204 pounds in January 2011, 145 by the end of November, 2011. I’ve mostly been stuck at 165, but that’s considering I never weighed more than 115 until age 23 or 24 when they put me on zyprexa. I’m on abilify now, but I stopped taking muay thai classes and now I gained so much weight argh Back to 200 pounds.

I want to try t hat metformin drug people here talk about, going to mention it to pdoc next visit. I can’t afford martial arts classes right now, so the pounds are really adding on.

I used to be fat, but not this fat, while doing martial arts. It kept about 50 pounds off of me by burning 1400 calories in a night of intense exercise and sparring. Now that I don’t have that, I’m all back to my old fat self, with even more inches in the butt. I am tempted to start an instagram account for my butt only, maybe it’ll get famous for being so widely enormous. Just joking.

I’ve got a little chub on me, note that I do work out on a daily basis.

Ive gained 10 pounds so I cant complain

I don’t know kg. Just pounds. I put on about 40 pounds with Latuda but I was very skinny.

I look more healthy with the weight but I think my doctor wants me to lose about 20 pounds so my BMI is normal

The med that made me gain the most was a blood pressure med, but I did gain about 20 lbs on psychotropic med’s. Now my weight seems to be stabilized.

I gained thirty pounds due to medication, but after giving up amitriptyline, I’ve lost twenty of them. I’m struggling to lose that final ten pounds, though. I only take Geodon, now.

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I gained about 60lbs on zyprexa. Been off it a year and still trying to get rid of that

I doubled my weight on Zyprexa and Remeron.