What's the difference between a sadist and a dentist?

The dentist has magazines in his office.

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With the dentist, you only have to bite them once, and then they magically transform into more empathetic people.


Hay “nick” … ,

What’s Up WIth Your Seventy Sevyns (???) … ,

Oddly Enough that Number is Locked Into tha Start of My First Heartbreaking Crisis … ,

Within Symbolism and Shazz … ,

Some Years Back … ,

So Naught to Weave into Your Personal Individualistic Pathe but , , ,

What Do Those Numbers Mean to You (???)

Oh (!) , , ,


No One Likes Going to tha Dentist … ,

Tis Kinda a Slightly Unique World of Everyones Medical Private Spaces … ,

Sure You Knew that n All … … …

I didn’t have any particular reason for picking the sevens, it was just a random choice.

Wanna Hear a Joke (???)

Yeah, sure…

Ok … ,

Why is 6 Afraid of 7 (???)

Cos 7 8 9!!!

Close (!!!) … ,

It’s Actually , Cause , 7 Ate 9 (!!!) … ,

Haha … … …

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I’ve never minded the dentist.

It’s psychiatrists I dislike, and I give everyone a fresh new unbiased chance, and despite what they say about lawyers, I’ve found psychiatry to be the profession most riven with dishonesty.

Regular doctors don’t make me feel to comfortable either, don’t go to em if I don’t have to.

I did that once! I bit the dentist’s finger!

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I never really understood why people hate going to the dentist so much. I guess I wouldn’t know because my grandpa was a dentist and my dad was an orthodontist, so I have been having work on my teeth as long as I can remember. Now psychiatrist are a different story like @mussel said.

Well specifically I have always found dentists to be pretty chill and nice, but the assistants, the ladies that actually clean your teeth and whatnot - I have bit a few of them.

Dentists have songs to sing about their sadism. This is what I think of when ever I see them.

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ever since I had a dentist screw up patient files and give me a tooth extraction I didn’t need…I haven’t been to one…so like five years now…it was just before I was diagnosed…the idiot dentist put my simple need for new caps in the door of the guy who was getting a rotten tooth removed, so I ended up getting my left hind most molar on the lower jaw removed and they were like “So you may want to talk to your regular dentist, we found no signs of decay in the tooth we removed…”

And I was so drugged out I had no idea what they were talking about…my GF Sam was pissed…god I miss her…