What's the difference between a sadist and a dentist?

The dentist has better magazines.


The sadist enjoys drilling cavities.



Probably gives away a LOT of chocolate at Halloween, too.


The dentist has better drugs?


I have itchy teeth.

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That guys nicer than my dentist.

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One pays better


A dentist numbs you up before your novocaine injection.
A sadist bypasses all those steps.

Aw, sorry if you’ve got a nasty dentist @77nick77. My only suggestion is to shop around. There are nice ones out there.

I had this horrendous dentist for years. I was scared of my dental health as she always terrorised me with what can go wrong. One appointment, she was ranting at me about jaw damage and facial bone damage. It was totally irrelevant to the work she was doing on my teeth, it was just a routine clean & check. I was all vulnerable, horizontal in the chair, mouth full of dental equipment and lights in my eyes. I put my hand up, the signal to say stop. I asked the assistant to leave the room. I then told the dentist that I’m a survivor of child abuse & took several blows to the face as a result as a kid, damaging my facial bones & jaw and could she please stop talking about blows to the face as it was triggering my childhood abuse.

Now, wouldn’t any human being with an ounce of compassion or people skills respect my wishes, have some empathy?

Nope, this dentist started crying and then proceeded to tell me that once she was at kindergarten & her teacher hit her so it made a bruise. She went home to her parents and cried, they comforted her and she never had to go to that kinder again. All I could think was, “Why are you making this all about you?” and "My parents would have said, ‘great! those bruises give me a good idea how to hurt you and I’m gonna add to them, that’ll teach you to complain.’ "

I now have sweet, kind and highly competent dentist. I only wish I found him sooner - I was too scared to change from the old one as I feared for my dental health.

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